Tyler, the Creator is preparing to release his highly-anticipated sophomore effort Wolf next week. Now, in a recent interview with LA Weekly, the Odd Future star breaks down his LP's emotional appeal.

Tyler described his current situation in the music industry, explaining that he "feel[s] like an outsider." He continued, saying that the money and fame hasn't changed his personality and that he doesn't relate to many other people in the music industry.

"Even if I'm at the Grammy [Awards], I feel like I'm an outsider," he says. "I don't really think about shit until someone brings it up. I can't explain how it is. I'm not lonely, I just don't have anyone to relate to. I'm the same dude. I'm still regular. This shirt must've been washed a hundred times."

Tyler also discussed his upcoming sophomore solo release Wolf, due out next week, April 2nd. The OFWGKTA founder discussed the album in comparison to his 2009 break-out Bastard, saying that while his first tape was angry, Wolf will be more emotional.

"I was pissed [on Bastard], and then life kinda started getting good," he explained. "But Wolf is emotional. It's bright and dark. I brag about having a four-story house but being lonely."

Check out the full interview at LA Weekly.

[via HipHopDX]