Pumpkin Carriage Crib for Blue Ivy


Price: $4,800

Basquiat's and Banksy's for his apartment


Price: Up to $5 million

"Basquiats, Warhols, serving as my muses / My house like a museum so I see 'em when I'm peeing."

Penthouse Room at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva


Price: $65,000

Jay talks so much about Hublot's and high-end watches, he probably spends a lot of time in Geneva. When he does, he probably gets the penthouse at the Hotel President Wilson.

Porsche 911 Turbo S for Rihanna


Price: $172,100

After the release of her latest album, Roc Nation gifted Rihanna a Porsche 911 Turbo S. We're guessing the boss fronted the bill.

Tagliolini with Maine Lobster at BICE New York


Before a night out at 40/40 or a Nets game, Jay probably frequents the Italian restaurant BICE, where a select few can treat themselves to a $2,000 plate of tagliolini pasta with 2 lbs of lobster, mushrooms, and black truffle.

Claire's Best Friend Necklaces for Him and Memphis Bleek

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 1.01.53 PM

Price: $9.50

How else are you going to keep a lifelong friendship exciting?

Billionare Boys Club Gold Rucksack


Price: $1,650

Jay and Pharrell are close friends, so to support and stay young and hip Jay probably bought himself this cool gold BBC bag.

Really Nice Curtains


Price: Up to $3,000/yard

"Fuck rap money, I've made more off crates / Fuck show money, I spent that on drapes."

Parking Spot at Barclays Center


Price: $50

He's gotta park the Maybach somewhere.

Jimmy Jane Little Gold Vibrator


Price: $425

A gift for wifey from a man who's always on the road...