DJ Skee and AXS TV/Skee. TV interviewed Snoop Lion for a very in-depth chat. The uncut version of their sit-down touched on the evolution of Snoop’s transformation into the Rastafarian culture, his new album and documentary, Reincarnated, and his relationship with Suge Knight. Below, you can read some excerpts from the interview, but be sure to watch the entire thing. It is filled with many personal anecdotes that should please hardcore Snoop fans.

On Suge Knight:
"Time heels all wounds. And then being a bigger man. And being one who accepts responsibility, being right or wrong. I like saving lives, I don't like taking lives. If that means putting my hand out saying I'm wrong, I apologize and be cool, I'll do that. As opposed to me pulling a gun out...and me doing something vicious to you."

On why he put Drake on the "No Guns Allowed" Record:
"I knew about that certain shooting incident in Toronto. I always love Drake. I love him for his writing. He delivers great party records. I wanted him to say something on this record. But I feel like something and address some things that needed to be said. And take the party out of it for a minute."

On the "No Guns Allowed" message:
"Guns kill. Guns are good and bad. Good when they're in the right hands, band when they're in the wrong hands."