Weezy F Skateboard: Photos of Lil Wayne Skateboarding

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  • Exclusive - Lil' Wayne Skateboarding The Morning Of Accident
    Today, Lil Wayne releases his 10th studio album. Take a second to take that in. Ten! Tune's been rapping for so long, when he put out his first record we were scrambling around supermarkets and stocking up on water in fear of the Y2K crisis. In that much time, it's obvious he's gone through some crazy transformations and has reinvented himself as the greatest rapper alive, a rockstar, and most recently, a skateboarder. He started skating when he got out of prison, and over the past few years he's gotten pretty good at it. If nothing else, props to Tune for taking up a hobby and being serious enough about it to pursue it amidst his career as the most famous rapper alive. Really, he just seems to be happy when he skates, and we're happy for him. Click through this gallery for photos of Weezy skating.
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    Lil Wayne 5'6
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  • deweezy-episode-4
  • Lil Wayne en Tampa 5
  • lil_wayne_skateboard_accident_august_21_2011_6-450x698
  • Lil-Wayne-Explains-His-Injury-in-a-Cast
  • Lil-Wayne-skateboarding-5-strippers-DivaWhispers
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  • lil-wayne-skates-at-philips-arena_phixr
  • lil-wayne_skate_board2
  • Lil-Wayne2
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  • tunechi-skating
  • tunechi-skating13

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