Raekwon: “There’s Still a Lot of S*** That I Don’t Feel is on My Level”

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Thoughts on the New Generation of Artists:

“Cats like Freddie Gibbs. I like the young A$AP Rockies and the Bada$$es and Lamars. For me being a legend in the game and seeing that type of power that they’re possessing, it’s like your uncle saying, ‘Yo, that’s how you’re supposed to do it.’

“Well, I mean there’s still a lot of shit that I don’t feel is on my level, but more importantly it’s about the association with the music world that I respect more. Sometimes the music may not be what I want to try, but at the end of the day I think the work ethic is what attracts me to them. Everybody doesn’t make dope music to catch everybody’s ear. Like me I’m an artist that pays attention to the wittiness and the skills, the style, the posture, the hustle, all in one. But more importantly I’m not a hater to recognizing the new, young school cats got they fan bases. When you got a fan base, that’s a job done.

“So I’m not the one to judge your rap category, but I do respect your rap because the people respect it. We come from the same shit so when you see young cats come up and they doing’ they own thing without the help of these labels I love that shit. You don’t sit around and wait for a co-sign. You co-sign yourself.”

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    You don’t sit around and wait for a co-sign. You co-sign yourself.”