Papoose Gives a Track-By-Track Breakdown of “The Nacirema Dream”


“Motion Picture”

“‘Motion Picture’ is the art of storytelling at its best. As you’re hearing the lyrics, you can actually see what’s being said. You can visualize it—you know what I’m saying? The pictures [that are] being painted … it’s a story, a detailed story. It’s two different stories, actually. The best way for me to describe it is the art of storytelling at its best. I’m actually speaking about two different incidents. I’ll give you a little insight on one of them.

“One of them is actually a story about two guys who was enemies, ya know, a while back. One was away for a while and he’s home now, but he didn’t get over it. It’s something similar to real life, things that happen every day. Two guys may not get along with each other, and all the people in this guy’s crew gotta go at it with the other guy, but he don’t necessarily have a personal problem with him. Just because of his affiliation, he has no choice but to go to war. That’s in there and being stabbed in your back by somebody. I walk up on a conversation where a group of guys who I thought was my friends; they ‘re actually talking about doing some harm to me. So I reverse the tables on them and do harm to them.

“That’s the first story. The second story was what I was telling you before. In the process of that, since it’s a problem, they try and get some money, so they gonna do a robbery. I’m not gonna give you the whole story, you gotta buy the album. I would say, get your popcorn, man. ‘Motion Picture,’ sit back, rated ‘R,’ man. You sit back, you gonna be able to see what I’m saying if you pay attention. I’m not following nobody on this album. I’m doing what you supposed to do. When you sign to a record label, you wear the title of what? An artist. So that’s what I’m doing. Art should come from within, you know what I’m saying? Not from over there, ‘Oh, he’s doing that. Let me copy.’ You need to be creative. That’s what I’m doing.”

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  • i like his old songs atleast

  • Inquiring2mind

    I’m just waitin on the review

  • GONZ

    I am not about to get excited about this, I mean this album was supposed to come out when I was a freshman in High School. I’m about to graduate College now. Waiting so long for ‘Detox’ is one thing, because Dr. Dre’s stature is at solid high and anything he touches, will turn into damn near gold. I just dont think Papoose has that same garuntee. as an M.C, yes, but as a songwriter, I dont know. Then again im not the biggest fan, Havent really followed up with his catalogue. Nothing is worse than when an artist talks up their album and when the album drops, It’s not as successful or as good as they made it seem. I think the music genre itself needs a lot more honesty. Music artist’s know if they put their full potential or beyond their full potential into a project. I dont think Music artists should say every project is their best project, Just be real, People/fans will respect the artist more if anything.

  • Diamond Rattler

    Can’t wait to hear this. Been waiting since high school.


    Biggest problem is having That manager that he mentions (Ian)…. check his history cuz, he’s screwed everything he ever laid his hands on, and count yo money (then check Ian’s pockets). Don’t know how artsists are still falling for his shit…. Good luck with him!