Papoose Gives a Track-By-Track Breakdown of “The Nacirema Dream”


“Law Library Part 8″

“‘Law Library’ is basically a series that I do that breaks down different levels of the law, ins and outs. Like I said before, you don’t necessarily have to be guilty to get arrested for a crime. What ‘Law Library’ does is it basically tells you, if you ever was put in the position where you become incarcerated, you should go to that law library. Studying your case and looking at different technicalities of the law can be the difference of you coming home or you doing five or 10 years behind that wall. There’s always loopholes in your case, so you gotta take time out and go to that law library and study. Not just if you incarcerated, but if you home.

“What’s interesting about ‘Law Library’ is I get a lot of dudes who come up to me on that street and say ‘I wouldn’t be talking to you right now if it wasn’t for your law library,’ you know what I’m saying? On each record, I break down warrant of arrest and tell you the ins and outs of how when police come and arrest you, they have to have a warrant. And what to look for to make sure the warrant is sufficient and official. And what to do when you get in jail. You know what I mean? Every one, I break down something different. Warrant of arrest. Trial procedures. The one that’s on the album is fire arms.

“They got this stop-and-frisk law out here now where they can just do stop-and-frisk, but you gotta know your laws behind that, the ins and outs. They gotta have probable cause. I break down the law. Each and every one, I’m breaking down a different aspect of the law and telling you what makes you guilty of the crime and what makes you innocent of that crime. Pay attention to that one. ‘Law Library’ is real informative.

“The reason why I started doing it is because, to be honest with you, when I was growing up, I can’t sit here and say I didn’t do wrong things, but I was always the guy who got away. There’s a downside to that when you get away, because when you get away and your friend gets caught, you’re free, but you gotta watch your friend suffer now.

“When my grandmother named me Papoose, she named my cousin Papi, so we had similar names growing up together. He’s serving 18 to life right now, and I watched him blow trial. I watched a couple of my other friends blow trial and get a lot of time in jail, and I was just sitting down here like, ‘Damn.’ I always was the one that had to sit there and watch them suffer. I don’t even know if that’s worse than being incarcerated, you know what I’m saying?

“The reason I started doing ‘Law Library’ is because I started noticing that when you look to that particular case, there’s always a loophole. There’s always a way to prove your innocence or fight your case and get less time. When they had cases, I would go get the law books and read them. I’d talk to them over the phone and say, ‘Listen, tell your lawyer this. Tell your lawyer that.’ They would have different things to present in court. It was real helpful to them, so I said, ‘You know what? I’m gonna just do a record about this and share it with the world.’ I realized it was good, researching that shit. It helped a lot of people out. They can verify it for you. I got lawyers who approached me about that like, ‘How do you know this stuff? Did you take that bar exam?’ And I’m like, ‘Nah, I just read the law books and put it into lyrical format.’”

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  • i like his old songs atleast

  • Inquiring2mind

    I’m just waitin on the review

  • GONZ

    I am not about to get excited about this, I mean this album was supposed to come out when I was a freshman in High School. I’m about to graduate College now. Waiting so long for ‘Detox’ is one thing, because Dr. Dre’s stature is at solid high and anything he touches, will turn into damn near gold. I just dont think Papoose has that same garuntee. as an M.C, yes, but as a songwriter, I dont know. Then again im not the biggest fan, Havent really followed up with his catalogue. Nothing is worse than when an artist talks up their album and when the album drops, It’s not as successful or as good as they made it seem. I think the music genre itself needs a lot more honesty. Music artist’s know if they put their full potential or beyond their full potential into a project. I dont think Music artists should say every project is their best project, Just be real, People/fans will respect the artist more if anything.

  • Diamond Rattler

    Can’t wait to hear this. Been waiting since high school.


    Biggest problem is having That manager that he mentions (Ian)…. check his history cuz, he’s screwed everything he ever laid his hands on, and count yo money (then check Ian’s pockets). Don’t know how artsists are still falling for his shit…. Good luck with him!