A New Jersey police detective has become the subject of an internal investigation over a music video that he released under his rap alias.

Officer Maurice Gattison, a detective with the Irvington Police Department and president of the local police union, is currently under investigation for a music video he produced under his rap pseudonym Gat the Great. According to reports, Gattison's use of violent imagery and homophobic slurs in his song "Temper Like An Alcoholic" prompted an internal investigation against him and three other officers featured in the video.

"I’m not doing nothing to nobody. I could see if I was targeting somebody, but it’s just lyrical exercise," Gattison said.

Despite his claim, Irvington police are concerned with lyrics like, "I'm lettin' you witness greatness, so take this as a lesson before you have to meet the Smith and Wesson," as well as Gattison's use of the homophobic slur "faggot."

"The Irvington Police Department has standards of conduct that apply to on-duty and off-duty behavior," Police Director Joseph Santiago said in a statement. "Those standards have consistently been applied in circumstances where the officer’s private behavior undermines the police department’s position in the community or creates the impression that its members may not be able to fairly enforce the law."

Officer Gattison isn't the first policeman to face disciplinary actions for his part in a hip-hop video. Last month, a Gary, Indiana police officer was demoted after he allowed his squad car to appear in a video for Freddie Gibbs.

Check out the video in question at the top.

[via NJ.com]