Lil Cease Gives Details Behind Classic Life After Death References [Part Two]


On the intro of “Another” was Kim and B.I.G. really arguing?

Yeah. They do that shit a lot as an interlude, but that was really them just gettin’ frustration out too. With him bein’ married to Faith and the Kim shit so a lot of time we so called [had] them actin’ that shit out, but they was prolly sittin’ there really wantin’ to say that type of shit to each other ’cause that was real shit we was goin’ through. It was times both of them be in the session, she may have an idea he’s fuckin’ with her, but we don’t know. She knows that’s his wife so she beefin’. When you hear them interludes, it sounds like just an interlude, but this was actually real shit. Muthafuckas come up there with attitudes. Shit used to be goin’ down like that in them sessions, on the planes, on the buses. We was young it wasn’t our situation, we was youngsters. We be giddy and be laughin’ about it. We was high half of the time.

Did he ever have a girl that cheated on him? A lot of this track is about a girl that was creepin’ on him.


I’m sure he did. He probably had his share of shit you know at that time. We was too cool and young niggas to explore that type of shit, but I’m sure he experienced [it].

Did he know somebody named “Paula”?


We knew a bunch of Paulas. It was a gang of Paulas at that time. Not specifically that name, but there was a lot of jumps like that runnin’ about back there around the way.

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  • Super Dave

    I am very happy that late great B.I.G daughter did get to go to college like he wanted! I am not buying that they didn’t know pac was going to get shot at quad studios nyc. Now that Jimmy and two of the allegedly shooters are locked up the truth will be told. Pac has a song call I’m not mad at ya. In any event I don’t think b.I.G had anything to do with pac death. Two great lives are lost and many more that they were feeding. we have to stop the violence and learn how to settle our disputes peacefully. Great article and I wish that we can learn from their death’s rest in peace Super Dave Harlem

  • Enlightened

    See, that’s the stuff I don’t respect. Unlike a lot of people, I read all these interviews and I guess they think people forget about them.

    I clearly remember the Lil’ Cease interview (in XXL at that) where he said “Long Kiss Goodnight” was 2Pac diss. Puffy denied it, but Cease said it was. He even went as far as to say that Puffy made BIG take some of the stuff out because it was too inappropriate to say.

    Now Cease knows how bad that makes B.I.G. look, and he wants to change the story. I never respected that about them. How are you going to act quiet and scream peace and act like you’re getting bullied, and then as soon as the man dies it’s basically “ah ha you’re dead, piss on your grave.” To me, if you weren’t saying it when he was alive, you don’t say it when he’s dead. Looks real cowardly.

  • giantnyc

    @Enlightened – I also remember Cease saying that it was aimed at Pac.