Lil Cease Gives Details Behind Classic Life After Death References [Part Two]

“Miss U”

“Miss U” is dedicated to O, tell me a little about him.

That was B.I.G.’s best friend. Before all of us, from me, Roc, Alex and Tony. He got caught up [around the way].  He was chillin’ in some store over there and some dudes came in the back of the store and shot him like four times in his chest. To this day we don’t know if he had a situation over there or if he was beefin’ with somebody. And that was B.I.G.’s man. He was a cool nigga. He was the one that encouraged B.I.G. to be on that music shit. Tellin’ you, “My man gonna pop.” He was an aggressive muthafucka too, though. He came from a big family, they was a well know family in the neighborhood. He had a bunch of brothers, a bunch of fuckin’ uncles and all them muthafuckas was crazy. He was a young wild one. He wouldn’t let nobody fuck with B.I.G., though, at all. That was B.I.G.’s right hand. I’m talking his man. Before all of us came about that was his man.

Whose “Crackhead Kevin?”

That was a little young head that used to be around our way. He was a young head, though. He was strung out on that shit like 24, 25 years old. Back in them days that was young. Nowadays you see these young kids get strung out on pills and coke and it’s almost rare you see a 25, 26 [year-old]. He was a young nigga. He was our age fucked up off that shit.

What about Drew?

That was the story part of it, that was just him fillin’ in the story. To be honest if I go back and really start thinkin’, B.I.G. was probably talkin’ about somebody from around the way [and was] just usin’ a different name. He did that a lot. Like with records he would talk about somebody or talk about a situation and he would just switch the name.  ‘My nigga C-Roc,’ he really talkin’ about D-Roc. ‘Little Gotti got the shotty to your body,’ LC. He would just flip shit.

Now, on this second verse, where he’s talkin’ about “Older brothers understand” and “baby mother blaming me,” was he still talkin’ about O?

He was talkin’ about O, but that part was just addin’ shit to the story. The shit about the brothers and all that shit is all real but you just addin’ shit to give it that feel. Same thing with movies, there was parts of his movie that was real, there was shit in there that just made it movie form, just fill ins. Same thing B.I.G. did, only if you been around you would know certain things he talkin’ about that is real and you would know certain things that’s in movie form.

Who was “Taya?” Was she someone you all knew?

He’s talkin’ about somebody else. We had them boostin’ chicks that was around. We grew up around some chicks and they was hood. Them boostin’ bitches used to pack burners and fight and cuttin’ bitches and all types of shit. I think he’s talkin’ about this other chick, but I forgot her name. She was one of these big boosters that used to live on top of one of the stores on Fulton street. She was the one that would always be gettin’ into shit. There was always niggas come in from another part of town, poppin’ a nigga, doin’ all sorts of shit. She always knew who had to do with the shit.

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  • Super Dave

    I am very happy that late great B.I.G daughter did get to go to college like he wanted! I am not buying that they didn’t know pac was going to get shot at quad studios nyc. Now that Jimmy and two of the allegedly shooters are locked up the truth will be told. Pac has a song call I’m not mad at ya. In any event I don’t think b.I.G had anything to do with pac death. Two great lives are lost and many more that they were feeding. we have to stop the violence and learn how to settle our disputes peacefully. Great article and I wish that we can learn from their death’s rest in peace Super Dave Harlem

  • Enlightened

    See, that’s the stuff I don’t respect. Unlike a lot of people, I read all these interviews and I guess they think people forget about them.

    I clearly remember the Lil’ Cease interview (in XXL at that) where he said “Long Kiss Goodnight” was 2Pac diss. Puffy denied it, but Cease said it was. He even went as far as to say that Puffy made BIG take some of the stuff out because it was too inappropriate to say.

    Now Cease knows how bad that makes B.I.G. look, and he wants to change the story. I never respected that about them. How are you going to act quiet and scream peace and act like you’re getting bullied, and then as soon as the man dies it’s basically “ah ha you’re dead, piss on your grave.” To me, if you weren’t saying it when he was alive, you don’t say it when he’s dead. Looks real cowardly.

  • giantnyc

    @Enlightened – I also remember Cease saying that it was aimed at Pac.