Lil Cease & Banger Give Details Behind Classic Life After Death References

“Kick In The Door”

XXL: “May see me in D.C. at Howard Homecoming/ With my man Capone, dummin’ fucking something.”

Cease: Yeah Capone was a member of the M.A.F.I.A. He used to always get pissy drunk, bugging. You know how Howard Homecoming shit is.

“… Disrespectful views on the King of N.Y.” When did he first watch “King of New York” and come up with Frank White.

Cease: We saw that a while ago. We were big on the movies.

Banger: B.I.G. was ill with the movies. I remember me and the nigga went to the movies one day to see “Usual Suspects.” Right after me, him, Dream [Hampton], and I think D-Roc, [went to the studio] and that “Somebody’s Gotta Die”–that nigga watched the whole “Usual Suspects” movie, went to Daddy’s House and laid the shit down. I was like, “Where the did you get this whole song from?” He used to watch movies and come up with the whole fucking song [at the same time.] That’s why he lyrics [tend to be] photogenic, he would watch movies and come up with the whole song. That’s one of B.I.G.’s illest jewels that only niggas like Jay-Z got out of him, cause Jay used to talk to him every night. Only niggas like Jay-Z know that.

Cease: The last movie he saw was “Donnie Brasco.” We watched that, went to the studio after and did the “Benjamins” remix. We went to see that movie in Cali, he got killed a couple days after.

Oh that’s why he said that line “Make it hard to figure me, liquor be, kickin me in my asshole, uhhh, undercover, Donnie Brasco”

Cease: Yeah. Remember that was for Puff’s album. We went to Cali to finish up Puff’s album, for the No Way Out shit. B.I.G. wrote the “Victory” record, now when you listen to the second verse where he was like “We got the shit mack tight, brass knuckles” now you see at certain parts it seems like he’s talking out of his body “I’m the witty one, Frank’s the crook from the Brook” he wrote that rhyme for Puff. That’s why he got Puff breaking down all of Bad Boy. “Then it’s to the loot, escaped, in the Coupe/Break bread, with the ‘Kiss, Peniro, SheekLouch/Black Rob joined the Mob, it ain’t no replacing him/Niggas step up, we just Ma$e’n them…” Puff said, ‘Yo I don’t understand what you saying in this rhyme.’ B.I.G. was like “Puff, I got you ballin’. You hiding money on the Island, Caymen.” Puff was like, “What is that? What does that mean?” [B.I.G. was like] “That mean your money big, it ain’t even here.’ See niggas don’t catch that. Puff ain’t want to waste the verse so he just let B.I.G. keep it to say it cause B.I.G. died. But he wrote that for Puff.

“Got More Rides Than Great Adventure.” Did Biggie really go to Great Adventures?

Cease: We used to perform in a few of those, though. We would perform [and do] autograph signings.

Did B.I.G. get on rides?

Cease: [Laughs]. Nah, nah. B.I.G. [was always] trying to find somewhere to smoke.

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  • land lord

    Great article XXL. Dat n*cca supposed to be here still. Thanx for the memories & all the great music B.I.G.

  • Leroy Love

    This is one of the nicest articles I have read about B.I.G. in a long time. You know a n..gga sitting here trying to figure out which New York Knicks player got played. I’m thinkin Charles Oakley or maybe that dude Starks….lol….whoever it is, he gone read this sh..t saying, “damn”.

  • Mr Crenshaw

    Damn…. Good times…. I miss B.I.G. …….. Pac Too……

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Finally, a great read on this site! Now back to the garbage.

  • Watz

    Great to hear some of the inspirations for BIG’s raps, one of the best to ever do it, one can only imagine the quality of music he would have made up until now had ne not been killed. I think he was actually rapping better toward the end of his life, like he was reaching his peak. A great shame he and jay never done an album together, i really think they would of pushed each other tro make history music, listen to the quality of the tracks they did together and imagine that!

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  • super dave

    great article and I get to see a side of the late great B.I.G that i didn’t know about. That line I seen a bitch so fine I wanted to suck on her daddy’s dick came from the late great Richard pryor on his album that niggers crazy. he was talking about how fine this woman was that he met to another dude. he was drunk.