Lil Cease & Banger Give Details Behind Classic Life After Death References


XXL: What about “Hypnotize,” “My Detroit players…

Banger: Yessir

Cease: That’s where we used to get the Gators from.

Banger: Versace silks and all that, that was Detroit.

Cease: [This dude we knew] he had the spot with the minks and the gators. That’s why B.I.G. said that.

Banger: “Timbs for the hooligans in Brooklyn.”

Cease: Nigga said, “Pink gators, my Detroit playas.” That’s what they used to say out there; “This the town of the playas B.I.G.” That’s when we used to sit around, there was no security back in them days or no stylists, we just came in as we were. Back in them days, it used to be just us going out of town like this, and you don’t know where you going in Detroit you just out there.

So how many pairs of Gators did he used to get out?

Cease: He used to get like three or four of them shits. Once we knew we were going back out there, B.I.G. would call him [saying], “I need the blue” because he used to always want to come through with the flavor Gators.

Banger: The Gators back then is how the ‘Red Bottoms’ would be now, $1200. It’s the same shit just different era. B.I.G. would probably now be in some red bottoms.

Cease: B.I.G. used to always want the craziest colors . That’s just a Detroit thing, you have to be there to know that like if you ever went to a dressed up affair down there them niggas be in there with the mink hats, mink coats, etc. They dress up in Detroit. [Later on] we went from the gators to the Wallows, the two-tone joints.

Who had the “Cherry M3″?

Cease: Ma$e had the blue M3.

Banger: Them shits was just hot Uptown. That was like the latest Beemer.

Cease: Jesus Piece was real. “So I just speak my peace, keep my piece/Cubans with the Jesus Piece, with my peeps.”

What about “I put hoes in NY on to DKNY…

Cease: Yeah that’s just the fashion shit.

Was there anybody in particular?

Banger: Yeah, the boosting bitches in the projects used to come through with all that shit, they didn’t know no what shit was. B.I.G. was like yeah bitch, ‘Put on that, this, and the third’ and them Philly [girls]. When Tiffany (Charli Baltimore) used to come up, nigga used to put them on to Chanel, Moschino…

Cease: Yeah Tiff was fly, Charli (Balitmore) was fly.

Banger: That nigga was a fashionista. Not for nothing, that was a fat, fly ass nigga.

Cease: I put hoes in NY onto DKNY/Miami, D.C. prefer Versace/All Philly hoes, dough and Moschino/Every cutie wit a booty bought a Coogi/Now who’s the real dookie, meaning who’s really the shit.

What about the Lexus? “Lexus, LX, four and a half.”

Banger: B.I.G. was on some champagne shit at the time. All the whips was champagne [from the] Benz, Range, Lex, only thing that wasn’t was the “Marine-blue, six Coupe/Skied it out, weeded out, cleanin’ out” from “Long Kiss Goodnight.”

Where was his condo at?

Banger: Teaneck.

Your daughter tied up in a Brooklyn basement.”

Banger: He talking about that case with the guns, they ran up in the crib at Teaneck. You know that shit was running through his head. That nigga was living that shit.

Escargot, my car go…” Did he really eat escargot?

Cease: [Laughs] Nah. See that’s the shit that made B.I.G. dope. B.I.G. used to talk about all the cars but, nigga didn’t even know how to drive. He wouldn’t dare get in the driver seat.

“Come through, have sex on rugs that’s Persian.” Did he have a Persian rug?

Cease: Yeah. He used to have the elevator go up to his room. It went to the first floor where his kitchen and living room was at and up straight to his room. Where Juelz [Santana] stay at now, we used to stay there.

When y’all was staying there, who lived around there?

Banger: Jersey? We were like the first ones there. I took all them niggas to get their rims, show them around the town, all that shit.

Cease: DJ Clue used to come to the gym and work out with us everyday, Prodigy, etc

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  • land lord

    Great article XXL. Dat n*cca supposed to be here still. Thanx for the memories & all the great music B.I.G.

  • Leroy Love

    This is one of the nicest articles I have read about B.I.G. in a long time. You know a n..gga sitting here trying to figure out which New York Knicks player got played. I’m thinkin Charles Oakley or maybe that dude Starks….lol….whoever it is, he gone read this sh..t saying, “damn”.

  • Mr Crenshaw

    Damn…. Good times…. I miss B.I.G. …….. Pac Too……

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Finally, a great read on this site! Now back to the garbage.

  • Watz

    Great to hear some of the inspirations for BIG’s raps, one of the best to ever do it, one can only imagine the quality of music he would have made up until now had ne not been killed. I think he was actually rapping better toward the end of his life, like he was reaching his peak. A great shame he and jay never done an album together, i really think they would of pushed each other tro make history music, listen to the quality of the tracks they did together and imagine that!

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  • super dave

    great article and I get to see a side of the late great B.I.G that i didn’t know about. That line I seen a bitch so fine I wanted to suck on her daddy’s dick came from the late great Richard pryor on his album that niggers crazy. he was talking about how fine this woman was that he met to another dude. he was drunk.