Kings of the Game: On Sale Now

XXL has been the world’s go-to-source for hip-hop news, reviews, and features on the game’s biggest artists for close to fifteen years now, and we’ve shown no signs of slowing down with franchise issues like the annual Freshman Class. We pride ourselves on our connection to hip-hop and as a valuable resource for fans of the genre.

On that same note, a publication we’ve always held the highest respect for in that regard is SLAM Magazine, which has always been an informative and interesting insider’s guide to basketball fans everywhere. While you might not think that SLAM and XXL have much to do with one another, rap and basketball has always interacted with a mutual love and respect – as seen at weeklong events like the NBA All-Star Weekend – and spill over into one another when it comes to fashion. Hip-hop fans love to look fresh with clean kicks just as much as basketball fans and players do.

To celebrate looking good and embracing fashion and footwear in both hip-hop and ball, XXL and SLAM have joined forced to create (for the first time ever) a custom Kings of the Game issue, featuring Mr. Rack City Tyga, Miami boss Rick Ross, and all-time NBA great Allen Iverson – all brought to you by the storied Reebok brand.

The exclusive mag will be on newsstands this weekend in NYC, and everywhere you buy XXL and SLAM starting next week. In the meantime, check out exclusive video from the cover shoot above, as well as alternate covers below.



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  • Hannya

    One of the wackest magazine covers that I have ever seen…

  • Alex J. Coleman

    Hannya, are you blind? Now i understand rick ross and tyga shouldn’t be on cover as they are NOT kings of the game. That title belongs to Nas and lil wayne, as they both have been rapping for over a decade. if you 4got lil wayne was a member of the hot boys, tho his flow became wack due to the shit he be drinkin in that cup of his. But regardless of that if those 3 are on a magazine called “kings of the game” then they deserve it because you gotta earn the right through hard work and dedication. Recognition doesn’t come easily regardless of how famous you might be, don’t believe me look at wwe wrestler fandango who’s famous for his antics yet lacks the balls to trade fists with opponents. I don’t even gotta mention AI as he is a legend on the court and in the ring (i created a version of him on wwe 13). So seeing that you can see recognize this greatness in front of you as sight is a privilege not a right that is given