It's been a busy week at the XXL offices - not only has there been a "regular" amount of rap drama, breaking news, and exclusive stories to hunt down, we revealed the cover of our now-famous annual Freshmen issue. A few months ago, Vice's music outlet Noisey wrote a story about us, asking themselves if the Freshmen list was still relevant, and created their own potential list. After the release of our list, which was picked up by just about every major music outlet - urban or otherwise - Noisey published a by-the-numbers breakdown of the list, essentially approving our picks. The point here isn't to gloat, but to reiterate the importance and relevance of our Freshmen list, because we put a lot of work into deciding upon it and curating it, and more than anything we're just excited to share it with you. Starting on Monday, we'll be slowly releasing Freshmen-related content to our site, so make sure to check back with us after the weekend.

In other news, Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane had a serious falling out, sparked by an inflammatory tweet via Gucci's "hacked" Twitter. Since the incident, Waka has gone on MTV's RapFix and has said he's never going to work with Gucci again. For fans of the Ferrari Boyz, this is sad news. To add insult to injury (or more insult to insult), Gucci has been incarcerated and was denied bond. We wish the best for Gucci in this time of turmoil, but if his ongoing incarceration leads to another Diplo-led Free Gucci mixtape, we won't be too mad about the whole thing. Also, bucket hat-wearing cool guy and 2013 Freshman Schoolboy Q came by our office yesterday and dropped some bombs about his upcoming Oxymoron, and his plans to continue working with Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky in the future. We'll be releasing our hilarious video interview with him next week.

Now, in our new weekly column called In the Cut, the diversely-opinionated XXL staff celebrates another lively week in hip-hop and picks some of their favorite releases from the past week. Some are songs, some are videos, all are incredible in their own way. See you in a few days, rap world.