Gucci Mane’s Management Claims His Twitter Account Was Hacked


Gucci Mane’s management is now claiming a hacker was behind last night’s Tweet where the Brick Squad 1017 CEO tweeted that he was dropping aritst Waka Flocka Flame and selling his contract to the highest bidder for being disloyal. Warner Bros./Atlantic rep Rahim The Dream told MsInfo “Gucci’s twitter was hacked” adding “all kinds of DMs and what not” where apparently sent from the hacked account.

After Gucci’s tweets last night Waka responded, “Somebody tell Gucci Mane 2 SUCK A DICK.” That tweet has since been deleted. But strangely, as of today, Waka Flocka is still retweeting disparaging comments from his followers about Brick Squad 1017 an telling them to support his label, Brick Squad Monopoly.

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  • The Follower

    Lmfao thats the best story he could com up with ..

  • FOLK103



  • Guidosaur

    Gucci’s tweet is still up, and he’s still tweeting. So I have a hard time believing that he got hacked

    • GoodDayLosAngeles

      He did not get hacked, this would mean that Waka also got hacked since he replied to Gucci. Waka replied fast so that means that this is true, Waka has been dropped and didn’t deny this tweet.

  • steve shit

    That’s a total boner on you guys

  • Steven Willis

    no…gucci was on his high horse and started shit wit flocka…AGAIN…but now guccis ego is SOO out of control there cant be two sandcastles in the sandbox which means no BSM…he knew waka wasnt gone go for that so he dropped him…now hes regreting letting go his biggest asset… did he forget waka had the best selling mixtape in 2010? waka made him plenty money and im sure there was more to come…hacked? i dont think so…looking stupid is more like it… whos gonna be the 2nd runner up now?… frenchie? LMFAO

    • Devernair Lauderhill

      waka did not have the best selling album in 2010 .. your way off .. he barely made it to 50,000 in its first week of sales and to date only sold a little over 250,000 .. gucci and waka album sales are pretty low but if he was to drop flocka then .. idk

      • killbill

        hey stupid, i believe the guy above you said mixtape not album, you not know how to read?

        • quakan

          Mixtapes are free

  • Mad Niga

    gucci mane yo gay ass faggot

  • Mike Johns

    Niggas If It Won’t For Gucci Mane Waka Wouldn’t Be Shit.. He Still int Shit Compared To My Nigga Gucci..

    • Brandon Edward IV

      Both of them are equally terrible. At least Wacka looks like he is trying.


    If you seen the comment he spelled waka flocka’s name wrong so im assuming off that it could be a hacker but other wise, waka should not be talkin shit bout his Og who got him this far in the first place.