Dipset’s 15 Most Notorious Moments

Cam’Ron Takes Shots at Nas’ Daughter and Mother (2002)

Here’s some advice for you MCs out there: do not beef with Dipset. When they go in, they go all the way in. In response to Nas’ Power 105 radio rant where he had some not-so-nice things to say about everybody from Jay-Z to Angie Martinez to Nelly to N.O.R.E. He then called Cam’s Come Home With Me “wack.” This was all that was needed for Cam and crew to launch a full-on assault on Nas. Over the instrumental to Nas’ “Hate Me Now” Cam and Jimmy took shots at Nas, his daughter, her mother and his mother.

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    You got a house in Virginia
    The only way you sicker than us