Christian Teen Raps About Her Hatred of Homosexuality in “Rated T for Tolerance”

The YouTube channel “Apologetics” is hosted by a teenager who broadcasts her anti-gay sentiments in rap. The video that was posted a few months ago is a ridiculous display of using stereotypes about gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

The teen insists that all people are going to hell for making the wrong choice. Things don’t get any better when her lyrics follow a disjointed rhyme scheme that makes her flow-less rap painful to watch. “Don’t propagate your hate, because I have a higher standard on who you date,” the rapper says in the opening line.

She may be advocating the right themes in her eyes, but you could easily deemed this as the most offensive video ever.

[via Gawker]

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  • dafuccccc

    this bitch needs to get laid

  • Joel Dinku

    This isnt rap? Why would u even post it on this site? Slow news day xxl?

  • Brandon Edward IV

    Damning someone to hell is a sin. In other words she’s failed so far as a “good” christian. Next.

  • slow17motion

    Nobody is “advocating for a lifestyle.” If you’re gay then you’re gay. I can’t speak for anybody else, but I’ve NEVER been attracted to women–ever. I couldn’t “choose” to be straight, I have ZERO desire for females whatsoever. Still, I don’t “advocate” the “homosexual lifestyle” (or whatever that is), I simply encourage others to be understanding.

    Regardless of the fact that I grew up around heterosexuals, was never molested, had a pretty average childhood, had no idea what homosexuality was when I was a child–I still wound up 100% gay. Nothing to be done.

    As far as the risks? Yeah, I get that it’s risky–risky for anyone, but riskier still for gay men–but it’s either accept that I’m homosexual and embrace life and love when and if it presents itself (despite the risks), or I’d just have to live the rest of my life shut down to the possibility that I might ever fall in love. How many heterosexual men would just stop having sex altogether if they found out that their chances of contracting an STD or HIV were statistically higher. Not many, I’d wager.

    Believe whatever you want. As a gay man I know the difference between what is innate and what is a choice. I am intelligent enough, educated enough to understand risk vs. reward. Some little wannabe rapper putter her ignorance on full display is of little consequence.

  • whoa2722

    Her next song “if you aint white, you aint right” drops in april. Check it out ppl.That song isnt hateful and ignorant either

    • SomeDude90214

      Isn’t her song “Islam is for losers” coming out on the same album. I also am waiting for “I’mma white woman, so I don’t date Asians” and “Brother’s dick”.

  • sbuck

    she does have good points tho but let people live their lives

  • WTF

    I bet she got dumped by her girlfriend.

  • dan

    “now i cant dictate ones life and what they called soulmate” bitch your hating on gays fuck you talking bout?

  • 513 nig

    I don’t hate nobody, I believe we all have a right to love whoever we choose but I also personally don’t agree with homosexuality and don’t understand the shit nor do I want to. Women are to beautiful of creatures for any nigga to wanna lay down with another man. Frank ocean got you niggas tripping lol