Sources have confirmed that Chief Keef will be released from the Illinois Youth Center later today.

In a recent Tweet from the GBE rapper's Twitter, it was confirmed that Keef will be released sometime today, Thursday March 14th. Although the Tweet has since been deleted, XXL has obtained a screen grab of the announcement, which was posted last night at 9:14 PM.

Chief Keef's grandmother also recently spoke about his impending release, saying that he has been focusing on his music since his incarceration in January. She also confirmed that Keef has discussed the possibility of getting baptized upon his release, although she is unsure whether he plans to follow through with it.

“I’m so glad he’s coming home because it hurts my soul that he’s locked up. Oh, it wears and tears on me," she said. “Keith’s got a lot of music. He wrote a lot before he went in, and he wrote a lot while he was gone. He’s focusing music ... and he wants to be baptized. [He] talked to me sideways about it, That’s his old neighborhood pastor. There’s no telling what he told Corey, and if he’ll do something different…we’ll see what Sunday brings us."

Earlier this week, XXL reported that the "Love Sosa" is perform this Saturday March 16th at Ray Ban's SXSW showcase. The performance will mark his first live show since he was sentenced to 60 days at a correctional youth center for violating the terms of his probation.

[via DNA Info]

UPDATE: The Chicago Tribune's has released photographs of Chief Keef leaving the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center earlier today. Check out photographer Antonio Perez's image below.

UPDATE: Now, you can watch footage of Keef's release from juvenile detention.