Chief Keef is apart of a brewing controversy in Chicago, and this time, it's because of his involvement in an anti-violence movement.

Chicago's NBC 5 reports that the Interscope rapper's involvement in an Instagram anti-violence campaign has sparked backlash from residents concerned with his lyrical contents. The campaign, started by 28-year-old Bryant Cross, asks that residents send in their pictures with the phrase "Angry Because Over 500 Youth Were Murdered in Chicago" Instagramed on it.

However, many people were upset when an image of Keef driving in a convertible with a young woman was sent in to the campaign. The woman in the picture says the rapper gave his consent, but many want the image pulled because of Keef's penchant for violent lyrics.

"Chief Keef and brothers like him are the ones we should be engaging," Cross said. "If you can't look at a photo and not be hostile - there's no hope. We have to be able to engage everyone, not just the people we like."

The image in question can be seen below.

[via NBC Chicago]