Album Premiere: Man Bites Dog Records Vol. 2


Man Bites Dog Records is a dedicated underground hip-hop brand comprised of rappers such as MHz Legacy, Copywrite, Bronze Nazareth, Hayze and more. Off the success of Volume One, the label is releasing the follow-up mixtape that offers 10 tracks of unadulterated hip-hop. Songs such as “Bourbon Chicken Thief” and “I Heart the Law” are strong efforts for the burgeoning talents showcased here.

On the production side, Volume 2 features up-and-comers such as Stu Bangas and Bronze Nazareth. If you need your daily dose of DIY rap, stream and download the project below.


  • ManBitesDogRecords

    very dope record hope everyone enjoys it.

  • Worm

    Tell “Sloppy Wrights” ta keep M’s name out of his mouth..You don’t need to speak on the dude every track ya do………………