40 Glocc Sues Game After Street Fight

Will Pay 40 Glocc for Knockout and Knock Him Out Again

Months after their brutally one-sided brawl outside a Hollywood Hills mansion, 40 Glocc has brought a civil suit against Game in the amount of $4.54 million. That number may seem ridiculous (and it is), but it includes: pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost earnings, medical expenses, and of course, punitive damages.

Check out more details on the case at TMZ, who broke the story.

  • Harriet__Tubman

    This nigga lost all my respect. I saw the video, running like a scared lil bitch, flinching, and now he’s suing because hes mad got his ass beat like the bitch that he is…

  • http://www.facebook.com/fingabandit.smart Fingabandit Kirk Smart

    40 Glocc is a Bitch

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KLR24PSEHAQ6O4I627OUYOGJL4 DON C

    Dam , that can’t be the same cat on youtube, calling out Lil wayne , and Plies with the same videoes , and now he want to sue , for GAME giving him his own medcine , that real hoe shit

  • soulreaver

    Did you ever think maybe forty glocc was waiting for a (rich) rapper to repond to his taunts so he could ‘cash out’?