10 Most Hip Hop Fall Out Boy Collaborations

“This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” (Remix)— Fall Out Boy ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Tyga, Paul Wall & Travis McCoy

This posse cut-like remix was a surprise to many. It featured hilarious verses from Kanye, Wayne and a verse from an at the time relatively unknown Tyga.

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  • j

    What about when FOB did that song “One And Only” on Timbaland’s Shock Value?

    • http://www.ihazachoochootrainproblem.com/ RunningWithScalpels


    • Brandon Edward IV

      That was not hip-hop. It was quasi-rock with a black guy with asthma (Timbaland) featured on it who’s bad singing could almost pass as stylized rap. Yes, I realize Tim raps elsewhere but still…

  • Ana

    Im so glad their back! Its like a dream come true and a times I still cant believe it.

  • Falesha Reel

    I really can’t count how many times I’ve listen to songs by fall out boy, and songs ft. Patrick Stump. I’m so happy their back together, even though they are very different then before, I think their new song is great and catchy and i believe the ones after will be too.

  • cassadaga

    patrick on cupid’s chokehold by gym class heroes was amazing too.

    • lyn

      and clothes off!

  • blue

    They were the first people I know to co sign tyga to.

  • blue

    And Patrick’s work with Gym Class Heros has been good.. They also gave them a record deal. Also Patrick’s hook on XVs project is great.

  • swaggie mcswagballs

    what about patrick providing the hook on dont forget it now by tyga?

    i think he also produced about another 4 songs on whatever mixtape/album that song is from