Watch Frank Ocean’s Performance of “Forest Gump” at the Grammys

Frank Ocean made his Grammy debut with “Forest Gump” off Channel Orange. The performance—which also featured the song’s video in the background—had Ocean showcasing his pitch-perfect vocals and even a whistling bit near the end. Watch that above and you can expect the video to be releasing soon.

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  • A Kid

    That’s a pretty cool performance. Love Frank Ocean.

  • OleSkoolGyal

    Sorry.. I’m a fan- but his performance was anything but pitch perfect. It was like he couldn’t hear himself. Definitely an off night

  • WEJ

    great performance and how artistic and original!

    • jef


  • Delonte

    Pitch perfect….ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING? That was the single worst performance of the dumbest song America has ever seen. PERIOD.

  • Sherlock Wavegang

    for a guy like frank ocean this was a amazing

  • missbabyluv

    Is Frank Ocean Autistic or something? Why was this such an amazing performance for him?

  • Duke Suizo

    Another sign of the apocalypse. Behold, the future of music….”Now, I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

  • Crystal

    Vocals weren’t as pitchy as I initially thought last night. Good performance Frank.

  • Riggs

    He sounds amazing. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know music. and thats the damn truth. Frank Ocean has to be one of the best live voices in this era of music. Check out his performances of Thinkin Bout You and Pyramids on SNL.

  • Sally

    Really off-key and the worse song i have ever heard, and what’s with the whistling?
    Terrible performance.

  • a


  • Jan-JAN

    I loved him from start before his popularity, but this performance to me was boring, i wish he could have done it a different way.

  • mig

    Man this guy exemplifies the death of “music”.Thank the jews of Hollywood for building up fuckers like this.

  • zoob

    Ugh, that was terrible. I watched it a second time to convince myself. Yep, just as bad, maybe worse the second time. I don’t think Frank Ocean quite has the concept of “song” down. What were the Grammy directors thinking when they put this horrible dreck on the air? And the whisling, OH MY GOD, that was awful and pitch-poor. Was he not able to hear himself?