The Weigh In: 30 Rappers Give Their Super Bowl XLVII Predictions

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  • Super Bowl Intro
    Don’t place your Super Bowl bets just yet! Before this weekend’s epic showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, you might want to check out this week’s special edition of The Weigh In. We hit up 30 rappers to find out how they think Sunday’s face off between the Harbaugh brothers will play out. Will Ray Lewis retire with a new ring? Is Colin Kaepernick the future? Check out how the Hip Hop community weighed in. &#8211; <i>XXL Staff</i>
  • Raekwon
    “I'm going for San Fran, 24-17. I think Baltimore won't be able to stop the SF QB from scrambling!"
  • untitled2
    "49ers 27, Ravens 13. The 49ers defense is going to break the Ravens offensive line. Our offense got too many weapons
  • Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 1.13.08 PM
    "Frisco, 21-17"
  • Big K.R.I.T.
    Big K.R.I.T.
    "I think the Ravens will win. I'm thinking by 14 points. It will be dope to see Ray Lewis retire with a ring."
  • Fabolous
    ""I'm gonna take the 49ers. 30-21"
  • Macklemore
    Ravens 27, Niners 17. Kaepernick isn't built for this. The 49ers are the Seahawks rivals and I will always root against them... and I want to be able to talk shit to ScHoolboy Q for the duration of the off season."
  • Schoolboy Q
    Schoolboy Q
    I pick 49ers of course...Score a b 31-18. Ravens just gon kick a buncH of field goals. PLUS I BLEED GOLD!!!! Fuck Ray Lewis.
  • Lil B
    Definition: Mostly known as style, unique part of what makes you different than the other players in a cool way
  • ty-dolla-sign-my-cabana-video
    Ty Dolla $ign
    "I don't follow like that, but I do know my 49ers are going to smash the boof-ass Ravens! I've been a Niners fan since Joe Montana! The score will be, "We win," amd we can put some dolla$ on it."
  • Curren$y
    "Forty 9ers...I apply Tecmo Bowl logic when I say this..."
  • sirmichaelrocks2
    Sir Michael Rocks
    "I think the Niners, man. Their defense is impeccable. I see the Niners winning by 14. By two touchdowns at least. "
  • RoscoeDash1
    Roscoe Dash
    "I'm goin with San Fran. San Fran is the more balanced team. Better D-line, better tight end, more explosive RB, and better corners and a younger, more agile QB. I think it's gonna take one of Baltimore's best games to beat San Fran. They're capable, but if San Fran show up to play, Baltimore may have their hands full."
  • Termanology
  • Riff Raff
    Riff Raff
    "I think San Fran gunna win cuz I moved to LA last year, so the shift of the earth rotated 12 degrees to the West, so that's 12 points to the 49ers cuz it's in California. So that's what we got here. Rap Game Super Bowl Commercials."
  • Slim Thug
    Slim Thug
    "Baltimore Ravens. Defense wins championships and Ray Lewis got his whole team focused. 21-14"
  • Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 11.39.33 AM
    "For this one I'm going with the Ravens. As a fan of the city of Baltimore as a whole, they deserve it. I'm a Giants guy all the way but being that we went home early, I'm going to run with B-More. The Niners are a good team this year, so I'm going to call it at 28-21, Ravens. Ray Lewis should go out on the highest note possible, the same way The Wire did."
  • N.O.R.E
    "Ravens..because I want Ray Lewis to retire on top and get his ring. Don't know a score."
  • YG
  • Lecrae
    "49ers, 28-14. I think they have a complete team. An incredible QB, a deep bench, and solid defense. Plus Vernon Davis follows me on Twitter Lol"
  • Homeboy Sandman
    Homeboy Sandman
    "The Ravens, 'cause Baltimore is closer to New York"
  • Paul Wall
    " I think Ray Lewis & co. are gonna pull it off 20-10. Ray Ray's last game is going to be a good one. SF is gonna have to wait to get that 6th ring."
  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones
    "Baltimore Ravens, 24-10. DEFENSE!"
  • Alley Boy
    Alley Boy
    "I think the 49ers gon win 31-28. I feel like dey should have won last year. Better team all around"
  • Juvenile
    "I think it will be close, but the Ravens will pull it off 28-24."
  • Crooked I*
    Crooked I
    "I'm goin' with San Francisco because their QB, Kaepernick, can beat you with his arms or his legs! Sorry Ray Lewis.
  • CyHi the Prynce
    "28-24 Baltimore. Baltimore defense is going to be able to contain the spread option just enough to win."
  • Troy Ave
    Troy Ave
    "I'm gonna have to go with the Baltimore Ravens, mainly because they're on a Cinderella story type run, but it's actually more work & dedication then it is "Magic." Ray Lewis is gonna play the hardet that he’s ever played in his life. This is his last stand. I expect it to be low and close. 24-21, Ravens.”
  • Mr. Lif
    Mr. Lif
    Although I think San Fran is the better team and I sincerely love the Bay area, Baltimore is playing inspired football and will win 23-20"
  • Mayhem Lauren
    Mayhem Lauren
    "Ray Lewis will dominate because he's a champion. Not sure of what the score will be, but Ray Lewis will make it happen."
  • Immortal Technique
    "Giants are not in it, so I'm disappointed. But that ended when the Pats were knocked out. I'd say Ravens, but I really wouldn't be mad at SF winning it either. But if you really want a quote: Its a sad but real statistic that a disproportionate amount of domestic violence occurs on that day. Remember you change the world by changing people around you. And for those who think that's soft, shut up bitch, you're the one watching grown men in tight uniforms scramble on the floor for balls. Drop the act, and respect your mom/sister/wife, nigga."

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