Rick Ross Is Not Scared of Being Gunned Down


Rick Ross was seen stepping out in L.A. yesterday. When TMZ tried to ask him questions about his near escape from death for a drive-by shooting in January, Rozay was all smiles.

Remember, the MMG head honcho crashed his Rolls-Royce trying to avoid the shots fired at him. TMZ tried to get an update, as well as his thoughts on 50 Cent saying it was a hoax. All Ross did was laugh and smile some more. Just goes to show you that he isn’t scared of anything.

Check out the video below.

[via TMZ]

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  • http://www.facebook.com/leonflowers82 Leon Flowers


  • Me

    Where in this did you guys determine he isn’t scared to get gunned down? That headline is incredibly irresponsible journalism that sounds like you’re trying to fan the flames that are this situation. This is a man’s life. Do you not remember Tupac? Do you not remember Biggie? Do you not remember the media’s fanning of the flames all those years ago? Men died. Several. This isn’t entertainment anymore, stop treating it as such.

  • JC

    What the guy below me said man, any nigga out there that dont like rozay (theres a few out there) and reads that headline can take it like a personal challenge. like “oh you aint scared of gettin popped? we’ll see bout that….” Yall niggas need to get yas shit straight we aint tryin to get dudes clapped out here….

  • yes

    don’t have to be scared to get shot

  • karlon burkett


  • BN

    he normally got lots to say.. the fact he aint sayin nothing shows his ass scared… Scared mouths turn quiet, when the pressure on.. smh

  • http://twitter.com/ricanbastard Dead End Juan

    This guy is a fraud, but they made this headline out of TMZ parasites peppering him with questions as he walked to his ride, not responding. Remember, the media (hip-hop media included) was and is as responsible for Pac and Big’s deaths as the people behind the trigger.

  • reese

    tmz is the scum of the universe

  • DropTopRob

    What did this Man do that would allow another Person to take his life?