You may have heard of Penelope Soto, the Miami girl busted for possession of Xanax bars who flipped the judge off after he raised her bail.

What gets lost in the story is how she defines a lot of money.

She makes $200 a week but when asked if she had any personal property of value like a car, house or jewelry, she responded that she had a lot of jewelry.

Paraphrasing what happened next doesn't do it justice so here's the transcript or you can pick up the action at :46 in the video.

Judge: How much would you say your jewelry is worth?

Penelope: (giggles)

Judge: It is not a joke, you know. We are not in a club, ma'am.

Penelope: OK, but it's you know kind of you know, but...

Judge: We are not in a club, be serious about it.

Penelope: I'm serious about it, you just made me laugh.

Judge: I can see you're serious about it.

Penelope : You just made me laugh, I apologize.

Judge: It's alright. How much is your jewelry worth?

Penelope: It's worth a lot of money.

Judge: Like what?

Penelope: Like Rick Ross.

Judge: Huh?


Penelope: It's worth a lot of money.

Judge: Ma'am, have you had any drugs in the last 24 hours?

Penelope: Actually, no.

Judge: Actually, no?

After that, the judge sets her bail at $5,000 and after she says "Adios," he raises it to $10,000. Then, she flips him off and he finds her in contempt and sentences her to 30 days in county jail.

Here's to you, Penelope Soto. Let the haters hate, after all, in the words of Bawse, it could be that they're just mad that you're icy.