Here's a new project from KRNDN, called Everything's Nothing, which is his first solo LP. Download it here, and check out what he has to say about the project below.

I Am Pleased To Present You My First Ever Solo Project " Everything's Nothing " I consider this my first because its unlike any other mixtape , single , or SAS album I have done.. This Album is a Honest and Dynamic Look inside the mind and life of the Artist known as Krondon or KRNDN I dropped the O's in my name to represent Timeless Reinvention and Constant Progression the Circle or the O represent Infinity a never ending cycle,I Have taken That Element out of my name and Put in My Music & Method's , My Years as a Writer and Performer has seen Up's & Downs Smiles & Frowns ( Snoop Voice ) and Through all of That I Have Learned, Without God Family & Most Importantly Love EVERYTHING'S NOTHING! this 15 song LP is a Chapter in the Book i call my life and and i am happy to share this with you... Me and My Team Worked Months , Days & Hours to come to this point and all we ask is that you ENjoy! Thank You for You Time Effort & Energy Untilnexttime!