DJ Paul has some words of advice for Justin Bieber. The member of Three 6 Mafia had his fair share of syrup use and was responsible for penning the smash hit “Sippin’ on Some Syrup” in 2000.

During an interview with TMZ, Paul gave his opinion on recent photos of Bieber allegedly drinking lean. "Man, I like Justin Bieber. I'm a fan. I can't say don't do [sizzurp] because I did my rounds with it," said Paul, before adding a caveat: "But I stay away from it these days because I had a lot of friends that passed away from it."

He added that it is dangerous if you consume a lot of syrup, but argues that too much of anything is also harmful. “Everything's dangerous if you do too much of it. Sex. Even water. Jump in the ocean, that's a lot of water. You might die. Too much of anything is dangerous."

He commented on Bieber and his friends, which includes YMCMB star Lil Twist. He says that they are young guys just going through an experimental phase.

“It's just a phase they're going through," he said. "I was the same when I was younger. Just a little more dangerous."

Just yesterday, Bieber was the host and guest musical performer for Saturday Night Live. During a skit titled the “Miley Cyrus Show,” he played an overly obsessed Miley fan where he slyly addresses his recent bust for smoking weed. While in character, he says he was sorry and that people make mistakes. He also vowed to never do it again.