Caption This: Adele Tells Off Chris Brown During the Grammys


Chris Brown may have another feud brewing—only this time with Adele.

For those tuning into last night’s Grammys, Brown didn’t seem too excited to see his rival Frank Ocean take home an award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and Best Urban Contemporary Album. During the latter category where they were both up for, C. Breezy stayed glue to his seat, while everyone else gave Ocean a standing ovation.

Now, the photo above wasn’t shown live on television. However, Brown looks to be on the receiving end of some harmful words from Adele—who snagged a Grammy earlier in the evening. Who really knows what she was saying to Brown (the cameras didn’t pick any of it up), but apparently she wanted to give him a piece of her mind.

If that was the case, when was this photo taken?


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Best of XXL


    she was happy and suprised to see him it loooks like

  • Me

    Once again, XXL, you are exemplifying horrible journalism. How are you going to have a headline that says “Adele Tells Off Chris Brown” based off of one picture? A picture with a mood far too ambiguous to come to any sort of a conclusion about. She could easily be saying some kind words to Chris in that picture, and judging from picture number two, that seems to be the case. Now I am not a fan of Chris Brown at all. Since day one. But this is very irresponsible of you guys. You’re making story where there is no story. By all means, when Chris gets into a scuffle with Drake at a club, or Frank Ocean in a parking lot, or cheats his way around court ordered community service, report it. Chris Brown losing his stardom as a result of such stories is deserved, but to add bullshit ones such as these is cruel and promotes sensationalism. This is a human being’s life. Stop toying with it with fake news and do your jobs.

    • e

      Most of the major news organizations picked up this story as well. You could tell by the body language of Brown that it was a uncomfortable situation. Obviously, it was a roller coaster ride of emotions that went from yells to hugs. We understand the importance of good journalism, but at the same time, this is entertainment. People want to know it all: rumors and factual things included.

  • John

    Chris Brown is GARBAGE…… Justin Timberlake is back…BYE, BYE, BYE Chris ( the woman beater) brown!

    • John is a FAG

      i dont give a fuck about Chris he is a fag…but you sir….are maybe the faggot of the day

    • D. Rose in the paint

      you do realize they 2 entirely different fanbases? Thats like saying Mercedes Benz is back……BYE, BYE, BYE Chevrolet. Makes no sense they cater to 2 different markets

  • jason

    If y’all think they are arguing you’ve obviously never been into photography.. They could be coming out of a hug. SMH. Making something look like what its not

  • jojo5209

    it looks like she is saying very loudly (due to the sound in the auditorium) hey chris want to take a pic with me tonight?

  • Jae Lazanas

    XXL is fucked with everything. They dont tellthe truth, shun good artists and promote the shit ones. If you ask me XXL doesnt help hip hop at all.

  • blah

    “Waddup homegurllll”