Drake’s new single “Started From The Bottom” is one of the hottest songs out and his CEO’s CEO, Birdman, knew it would be from the moment he heard it. Baby recently chopped it up with MTV where he talked about the first time he heard the track and how Drake’s musical acumen is on a different level.

“When he played it for me and Wayne, were in the studio about a month [ago],” said Stunna. “I think this record is something for him to be different. That he is. He’s not a normal guy when it comes to music. He’s one of the most talented, really, on earth to me when it comes to music. To me I loved it. When we first heard it we were like, ‘wow.’ We were amazed. He played a lot of songs for us, and that one there was one of the ones."

The rest, as they say, is history. Drizzy is currently working on his third studio album, Nothing Was The Same.

Check out the entire clip, below.