Last night, Aesop Rock kept the momentum going of his North American tour with his stop at Irving Plaza in New York City. Joined by opener Bus Driver, Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz, Aesop didn’t hesitate to put on a pure alternative hip-hop show for all of the underground heads in attendance. Songs such as “Homemade Mummy” off his recent album Skelethon popped off, as well as old school favorites from the indie darling’s extensive catalogue.

The show featured a reoccurring segment of inviting a lucky fan onstage to get a haircut by Aesop's friends. If there was one standout moment worth talking about, this was it. Ace and Sonic also gave some shine to DJ Big Wiz, who impressed the crowd with his scratches and beat selections. Later on, Ace and Sonic would return to perform more cuts from Skelethon.

Despite omitting classics like “Daylight” from his set list, Aesop put on a strong show for die-hard fans. He is known for his experimental hip-hop layered with dense lyricism, which still holds up today. Plus, the chemistry shown by Ace, Sonic and Wiz is more than enough to see them at their next destination.

For a photo recap of Rock’s show, the folks at Pigeons and Planes put together one filled with all of the highlights from the evening. Check that out here and be sure to grab his track “Grace” that's featured on the Washington Heights music bundle.