2 Chainz Arrested in Maryland, Says Police Wanted to Take Pictures With Him

2 Chainz was in Maryland last night where he was arrested for marijuana possession.

Chainz, who argues that police were just messing with him, was taken into custody at around 10 PM last night. Maryland State Police pulled over a white van that contained Chainz and six members of his entourage.

Apparently, when Chainz was taken to a station and released, the police wanted to take pictures with him. It is still unclear who asked to take the photo—Chainz or the cops—but he went on a Twitter rant shortly after.

2 Chainz claims he wasn’t in possession of marijuana at the time. It was actually a grinder, which is a device used to crush up weed to roll up in papers or cigars.

[via TMZ]

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  • rasher371

    They killing the brothers, brothers killing themselves

    • Derrick

      You sound stupid. Its not about race. People like you who think everything is about race are the ones leading the racism… think about it

      • Hokey Pokey

        yeah i know right.

    • hokey pokey

      LOL Rasher that was so funny

  • http://www.facebook.com/terrell.robinson.520 Terrell Robinson

    damn they got my dude 2 chainz

  • http://www.facebook.com/bloodyriddler Brg Recordings

    Actually, it is quite insulting, I would gather that these officers were in the military and are also well informed on game hunting, a picture such as this with 2 chainz is more of a hunting photograph than anything, racism does play a definite part, basically they are saying look who we got, Its retaliation for his video in which he arrested the police, for him to be submissive and allow such a photo to be taken is saying that he has no idea it was being done in order for him to be viewed as a prized captured animal. Those officers should have showed more discretion as well as professionalism in dealing with such a petty offense, there motive was more so to scar his career than to help protect this mans well being only to make themselves appear more powerful than him through the eyes of social media which society views every thing through. After what happened to DMX it should be well known successful artist since after tupac are the ones that do not have conflict with the police but rather the ones that are untouchable to them, this picture will not help this mans career, and that is exactly what those officers want, to hurt him.

  • 52688335


  • ajax92391

    leave the racism shit alone obviously they envy him and wanted a picture with someone who makes o78329743892743927 times more money than them. pretty sure if it was zakk wylde or some shit people wouldnt bitch about racism. hes just a famous dude shit. im white and have family who serve in the military and thats just a degrading remark to even be made.

  • ajax92391

    also a grinder is still considered paraphenelia and im in georgia. theyll take you in for that shit regardless famous or not.