The Weigh In: Bun B's NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions

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  • Lamar Limitless Legree

    nigga went against san fran .. bunb im not a fan no more

  • AO Olivier

    so far he is 0-2 and Seahawks are about to make it 0-3

  • Garrett

    ahh he wrong bout all of them

  • Deshannon James

    Damn Bun, you went 0-4? You picking with your heart too much and not your head. I ain’t mad at you though

  • eriksuperman

    Now that the
    divisional round is over, and my Broncos are out, I’m getting excited for the
    NFC! I hate the Patriots and can’t stand Joe Flacco, so I hope Kaepernick brings his A game! I have to
    work this weekend at DISH, so I won’t catch the games live, but I’ll have my
    DISH Hopper set to record it all for me. I’m a big sports nut, so I
    record a ton of games; the Hopper can store up to 2,000 hours of TV, and can
    record up to 6 live HD programs at once. This way, I can get all of MY
    football recorded, and they still get all of theirs. Should be some
    interesting games this weekend, and I hope Kaepernick steamrolls the