Shawty Lo may be facing some criticisms for his upcoming reality show, but it doesn’t seem like he’s too worried.

During an interview with MTV News, he decided to stay tightly lipped about his Oxygen reality show All My Babies’ Mamas. But he did take the time to explain his life growing up, specifically detailing the balancing act of being a father and providing for his 11 kids and 10 baby mamas.

"You can hate all you want to, I didn't ask for it. It just happened. Now that it happened, I'm supposed to turn my back against it?” he said. "If I wasn't taking care of my kids then you would really dog me out, but I'm taking care of my kids, providing for my family. I don't know what else to say."

He also discussed the hardships of hitting the streets to make a quick dollar during his teenage years. At the time, his family was going through some tough times. His mother was addicted to drugs, his dad wasn’t around and his grandmother died of cancer when he was 17.

"I came to be one of the largest drug dealers to come from Atlanta, Bankhead area and I started havin' kids. When the money came, a lot of women came," he said. “Once you feel like a girl was your girlfriend or whatever, the rubber probably came off. They wouldn't have an abortion. They used to take the money and run with it, and they'd have a baby by the most popular guy in the street, and that's how I had all them kids."

Watch the rest of the video above where Shawty Lo explains he doesn’t have that much baby mama drama as one might think.