Although the 2012 finals for Red Bull BC One took heat from the b-boy community (mostly for displaying each battle through odd camera angles), there's no denying the fact that the esteemed, decade-long, one-on-one tournament has elevated the hip-hop dance movement to a higher plateau in terms of the culture, marketing, and recognition.

Today (January 24th, 2013) officially marks the 10-year anniversary of Red Bull BC One. It's also the beginning of its 2013 season. From the top of February, global qualifiers will begin, with winners competing in the world finals that'll take place this November in Seoul, South Korea.

While b-boying has its roots deeply embedded into the hip-hop culture, it hasn't been as publicly recognized like the movement's sister element: rapping. However, with support from brands such as Red Bull, the b-boy culture looks to take on its global influence to a higher scale. The above video from BC One's training camp, features the world's top b-boys including Hong 10, Taisuke, Ronnie, Lilou, Roxrite, and Pelezinho, partaking in various technologically advanced methods to improve their skills on the battle stage.

Although the opinions in the b-boy community will certainly split, questioning how Red Bull's attempting to turn athletes out of dancers, there's no denying the fact that such implications will upgrade the technicalities of the dance. Check out the footage above, and the incredible physical feats from the b-boys. —Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho)