Rapper Freddy E Commits Suicide, Ex Honey Cocaine Responds on Twitter

In a series of bone chilling tweets last night, YouTube comedian and rapper Freddy E committed suicide through a self-inflicting gunshot wound. He was 22 years old.

The reason for his death has been unconfirmed, but numerous sources are saying on Twitter that it was over his ex-girlfriend and Tyga’s Last King artist Honey Cocaine. On Freddy E’s official Twitter account, he came very close to live-tweeting his impending suicide. What he shared with his followers is very disturbing.

Freddy E, who goes by the name Frederick Eugene Buhl, made his love for Honey Cocaine public in a previous Facebook post that’s dated on December 20.

“I talk to Honey damn near every day. I text her. She calls me. We talk on the phone for hours. I’ve met some of her family and she’s met some of mine. We call each other by our birth names. I’d take a bullet for her, as would she take one for me. I actually know her. Where you see a rapper, I see a rider. Y’all can’t tell me nothing about her.”

When Honey Cocaine heard of the news, she defended herself from the onslaught of attacks claiming that she was responsible for his death. Many of Freddy E’s loyal followers insisted that their break-up was what pushed him over the edge. Here’s her response:

Freddy E was gaining popularity in the Seattle area with his YouTube channel JerkTV. His videos received approximately 20,000 to 30,000 views regularly. XXL sends out our condolences to Freddy E’s family and friends.—Eric Diep

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  • Jane Doe

    Y’all’s information is all wrong Freddy is a COMDEIAM NOT A RAPPER and he’s famous for his many YouTube videos!

    • http://www.facebook.com/yabbyjlove23 Angel Johnell Miller

      He is a rapper hun!

  • BrittanyLouis

    The ridiculousness of this just wows me. “Your breakup pushed him over the edge”. So I should stay with someone who I don’t want to be with because he needs to go see a doctor to deal with his depression? Believe it or not kiddies when someone wants to kill themselves and they are committed to doing it… they do it. There’s no 1 thing that pushes them over the edge. It’s a million little things that suck the joy out of their lives, that drag them down daily. They stay low enough that there seems like there’s no way out of this misery.

    • http://twitter.com/chilltowntv chilltowntv

      Agreed with BrittanyLouis. Didn’t realize this was confirmed yet. If it is, my thoughts are with his family & friends. But when someone’s depressed, there is no one thing that makes them do it. It’s all so sad cause he had his whole life in front of him.

    • Jernero94

      I agree. So sad. I pray for his family and loved ones. Depression is no joke.

  • @OddleyBeautiful

    This mess is crazy frfr : but ion think anyone should judge ‘ if they want there or know what actually was going on or what he was going thru , : but this is tragic & at this moment peoples shouldnt be trying to point fingers ‘ they should try & be there for his family & friends ,! but only Freddy & Honey know what was actually going on ‘ But his family in my prayers !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5MD2E4Z5AZM2ZUQ4WGPLMDKRI4 Anthony

    The problem is you got to ask for gods forgiveness after you pull the trigger

    • russtafari

      good thing there is no god then

      • 6ix4our

        Oh but there is!

        • LeshaDgafVaughn

          no theres not lmao end of story…

  • I_Dont_Like

    R.i.p hope he’s in a better place

  • http://www.facebook.com/kira.parker3 Kira Parker

    Its sad but its crazy aint no way in the world I would kill myself over anybody if thats the case let alone post it on twitter or any other media site. Why would he want to leave the thousands of fans and friends with that image or his last words being what they were smh.

  • CECE


  • CECE



    Honey Cocaine was not to blame for his suicide. But she also needs to know where to draw the line. She continually slandered him on twitter and called him thirsty knowing that he was going through a tough time. She should have had more respect and he should have seeked help rather than seeking an escape. Plain and simple.

    • http://www.facebook.com/donna.fisher.5648137 Donna Fisher

      Well they was only freinds Freddy didnt tell anyone he was depressed he hid his pain and she told him to kill himself so she didnt help the situation she made it worse she should off been a better freind too him instead of being horrible he was scared too get help otherwise he would of done it i have been in Freddy s situation i wouldnt wish depression on anyone but i got help not even any of his freinds was there for him no one even went to his apartment too see if he was ok selfish freinds i miss him as i m such a big fan and i watched his videos all the time

  • http://www.facebook.com/poweredbyjames James Power

    This is sad. Depression is a very dark place. Once you’re in it, it’s hard to get out. Most don’t realize that the light of day always follows the dark of night. And sadly, it is hard to recognize the signs, especially when a person doesn’t want to admit that they are struggling with depression. Honey said he joked like this all the time. She is not some professional who would recognize his cries for help – just a friend who was there for him. Perhaps, this tragedy will lead to more social responsibility and education with respect to depression, suicide, and some of the dangers associated with gun ownership. R.I.P. Freddy E.

  • her

    over a bitch….what a pussy.

    • chandler smith

      your comment just shows how much of a pussy YOU are freddy was… IS one of the sweetest guys in the world how dare you even say that that is a horrible thing to say your just showing ppl how much of a bad person you are that is just so rude hes DEAD not alive DEAD and you dare call him that?? ok srry maybe went al litle too far okay maybe you arent a bad person but u are ignorant thats for sure

  • 6ix4our

    CLEARLY their last text shows it was NOT because of her

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000332691289 Jaylin Oneal

    from what im hearing and listiening to if u listen to his youtube video ignorance someone was out to kill freddy over money and the break up with her thats why he killed him self r.i.p i watch his videos all the time

  • LeshaDgafVaughn

    what a dumbass…rest in piss…#fuck.young.money

  • Just Saying

    That message only proves she didn’t show her side of the conversation. Here’s what I think. He had a love for her stronger than she had for him. She had an alterior motive that none of us will ever know. His fans and followers had been telling him she was bad news. Question: how can you ever be a household named, BET aired, radio played rapper with Cocaine in your name? That’s ignorance at its best. Back to my theory. After getting so many warnings he started to question her feelings, loyalty and intentions. In response she acted like she didn’t know him that well to answer and that things were moving too fast. She had just posted the night before that she was single, this was well after his facebook post. It hurt him he didn’t understand and he killed himself. As cold hearted as it sounds, she must live with that. She didn’t cause him to do anything; his lack of confidence, strength and faith killed him.

  • Just Saying

    And of course her video just so happen to be trending. Just saying, she will have to live with that. No need to bash her, so will do it sooner or later.

  • http://www.facebook.com/escilade18 Mike Nolan

    Poor guy, may God bless his soul. He probably felt overwhelmed with all that was going on in life, and felt that the fact that his girlfriend loved him was what kept him sane. When the breakup occurred, he likely felt that someone pulled the rug out from under him and that he was free-falling into oblivion. I have been very depressed before and have been lucky enough to have a support network to help me climb out from rock bottom. If anything should be learned from this tragedy, it is to love those that need loved the most and be there for those whom you love

  • Loved4Eva

    okay!!!!!!!!!!! he stated that he would take a “bullet for her” and
    honey cocaine also posted a message he sent to her saying that he thinks everyone is out to get him and he asked her “is it true?” as if she knows
    something, she didn’t answer with “yes or no” she simply said something
    within the lines of there is evil all around you, and something like
    your life could be taking within seconds, but wouldn’t a person who
    cares for you or knew nothing of what you were asking say, “WTF?? who
    after u nicca, I am on my way asap, aint nothing gone happen to you, idk
    nothing about nobody being after you, I aint having that, stay right by
    my side” but instead she sent some foolery i am very skeptical as to
    what really happened to Freddy E. he only known the girl since last
    november he stated on ustream

    • http://twitter.com/BigMucci Big Mucci 71NorthBoi

      The Man had Issues he felt he couldn’t make better, he was depressed and things was not happening for him the way he wanted it. So he took his life, because he felt he had nothing to live for. Thats what 95% people who commits suicide feels. They cant change for the better, so whats the point of living. Point blank

  • Yasmine F

    I believe that Honey Cocaine picking with him knowing that he really loved her was the cause of his death. she went and broke his heart. That bitch is so fucking cruel that if anything happens to her i want feel sympathy for her. She is and I believe one of the WORST people on EARTH!!!! I really didn’t know Freddy but i was TEAM FREDDY ALL DAY. I watched all his videos i loved every single one of them. In the future I wanted to meet him, be with him, get to know him even more, but now i cant because of that dumb broad. I cried all night long when I found out he was dead. My heart and prayers go out to his family.

    • http://twitter.com/BigMucci Big Mucci 71NorthBoi

      Why do you feel Honey is the cause. Tell me this. I do recall people saying Men are stronger than women, Women cant make a grown man do what he dont want to do. Men is the HEAD and Women follow. With all that being said. What make you think one Woman who was dating someone for what a few months Have enough POWER and MIND CONTROL over a GROWN MAN do take his life? She still was communicating with him at that. Freddy toke his life Over issues on he Really and Truly Knows. He was Depressed and had a lot of personal issues that he felt he just cant make better. Leave Honey out of it. Get off the Hate Honey band Wagon. You worst than people saying Bobby Brown was the reason Whitney Houston Died. Leave it alone and let the Man Rest in Peace. We will NEVER KNOW the Real Reason.

      • Yasmine F

        She is the reason why because she was the one he talked to about all his personnel life problem Yet she still seem like she didn’t give 2 fuck because of the things she was writing on twitter. She said she admit that when she texted him that she thought he was playing. So why in the hell would she thought he was playing when she knew all about this problems. now he gone she wanna say good things and stuff. I’m no hater of nobody so do that. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and my opinion is that she did push him over board with the extra stuff.

  • Mistahh AMAZ1NG

    It is not Cocaine’s fault, it was his descision he felt he didn’t belong to this world without his true love.I guess without her he was nonthing if Cocaine felt like it was over it is. You guys never know that he killed himself over Honey Cocaine he probally had other things on his mind…..dont belive everything you hear. R.I.P Freedy E.

  • Ray Thoe

    Im sorry but that sounded ignorant..
    Even if you dont belive in God give Freddy.E some respect.
    I believe in God because hes always there to protect me.
    Im not gonna slander you but God is the wholy one.
    And how can you say there is no God.
    If there is no God then you are God himself.
    When you say God isn’t here how would you know.
    What if he was in my closet?
    Are you to know if hes there or not.
    No exactly because you can’t see my closet.
    Faith is seeing without believing.
    We may not see God but what is the wrong in beliving there is someone there for you when ur down.
    Think about it please.
    And watch the short film Chalk.

  • Hicks

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  • Eeshaa_Boo

    omg i never knew that the post on facebook for freddy e was real im so sorry fo the losst of that wonderfful funny and encouraging actor i cant believe that this has happened and it is a tragity r.i.p freddy e i wish youu the best with yourr make in heaven

  • nick

    This is ridiculous. Some people got real issues. And I find it PURE EVIL that his religion MAY have helped him make the shot, or at least one interpretation. He thought “god was calling him” and we have no reason god even exists. Anyway, the truth isn’t the point. The point is no one should ever kill themselves, even if they feel like shit. It happens to me. This girl is beautiful, even if she “wasn’t the reason”. I have a hard time even approaching women; what do I do? stop bitching, build my courage, and go do it. Part of it is because I got autism, and right now I got a really nice girl, which I honestly did think I’d be alone forever. Guess what, we all have problems

  • Nick

    You can respect people, but you don’t have to respect beliefs.

    • Atheist-killer

      I don’t have to respect you either faggot

  • Atheist-killer

    @LeshaDgafVaughn:disqus If you’re stupid enough to not believe in Him then have fun letting the devil fuck you in the ass for eternal life you cunt face bitch. He’s out to make you believe that neither he nor God exists and you’re foolish enough to believe it

    • LeshaDgafVaughn

      obviously u are the stupid brainwashed one who just believes anything thats put in front of u, all they gotta say is “youll go to hell if u dont” and youll believe it like the typical moronic american u are…show me the proof then u can rant like an idiot

    • LeshaDgafVaughn

      and another thing what makes u think there even is a hell u dumb fock lmao ur just stupid and cant figure life out on ur own so u need a religious crutch…typical

  • Mc anne

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