Meek Mill Reacts To "R.A.I.D.," Calls It "Bullshit"

Shortly after releasing his diss track “R.A.I.D,” Cassidy got a response from Meek Mill via Twitter. “10mins of fiction ….. And a old ass flow that nobody will never play in a car! #yadone atleast ya got back on da radio #saythanks,” Meek tweeted after apparently listening to Cass’ diss early this morning.

The MMG MC is seemingly unfazed from the latest shot fired the “Condom Style” rapper, later adding, “In about 50days everyone will forget about ya again …. And we still gone b balling! #rememberthistweet lol… Made niggas sit up 2 12:00am for that bullshit…. People gotta go 2 work and church tomar!”

So, will Meek respond with another track? Or, is this battle put to bed. Furthermore, are you even entertained?

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  • mufc1

    Meek,you got killed moron.Respond with a diss track instead of twitter you pussy ass bitch.

  • Robert SupertalentedMikelawryj

    Meek got Ethered we aint gonna forget about this assassination no 50 days later kid sorry. Quit tweeting like a faggot and now get the face to face battle cracking you aint about that life

  • MtlNS

    Meek is Shooked

  • ComeUp

    Meek is too busy getting money. Cassidy spends all his time preparing for a meek diss #Getalife

  • Mr. KnowIt

    meek got put into place, this twitter talk the best way he can handle it. lol… He’s officially a little bitch unless he can come bak wit something really nice.


    This boke ass nigg* cass got too much free time in his hand. He need to put some bread on dat hand. Ya boy is irrelevant. Jealousy breed envy. Focus yourself on some bread cass. #lameO

    • queta

      how u kno he broke jus cuz he aint tv everyday? i hope u dont think meek ballin like he claim atlantic get 60% ross get 30% and meek getting 10% go figure.

      • JasonX

        You know he broke cuuz he spend the whole 10 mins talkin bout being broke and basically saying he been through it so he knows what’s gonna happen. That nigga broke as fuck. He hatin and he ain’t in the streets. He wish he was back in his hotel with R kelly

        • spin

          niggas watchin other niggas’ pockets. that’s somethin u expect out ofa broad. get that estrogen out ya system…..

        • spin

          niggas watchin other niggas’ pockets. that’s somethin u expect out ofa broad. get that estrogen out ya system…..

    • NiGE HOOD

      Nigga how much money do you have? It aint about that shit man. Unless you’re a damn millionaire wtf you look like talkin shit. If Cassidy can rap better, shit thats all thats got to do with it. Money is irrelevent and nobody fucks with Meek Mills and its been a year. Cassidy came first but at least he’s got a platinum album under his belt and a damn near 6 year run in the industry.

  • Czar Mikail Smirnov

    Meek only tweet cause he scared to battle him!!!

  • onlydopeshit

    Don’t care if you got bread or you ballin.. Cass bodied you and that’s fact. Just accept it. Twitter ain’t gonna save you.

  • jgreen_93

    I wish he would quit with the tweeting and just face Cassidy with some bars like he said he would o so long ago.

  • Juan Jose Jesus Sanchez

    Cassidy fried em’ easy, but im sure he could do way better if he wanted to. Meek Milly’s shook. I doubt the battle is ever guna happen; i would pay to see that though.

  • KMG

    Mills can say what he wants but Cassidy smashed that ass……

  • Kristen Hart

    I’m tired of people using money as a defense. Soulja Boy got money , but it does not change the fact he garbage. I love a hip hop battle where it is just bars and it is not about how much money you have. Mill caught up with new money that is why he felt he was going to diss Cass without consequence and dickryder fans was going to praise him. This isn’t Cass best and he still bodied Meek

  • No Body

    Thats what i call slow and soft cooking! You are are rotten nigga! Hareww Cass

  • Rozzy Ray

    Repo is a hit. R.A.I.D is a whole bunch of Bitch Talk