The theme of Sunday’s show seemed to be "friendship sucks." At least it does when you're this funky bunch...

First up on the friendship chopping block was Lore'l and Erica Mena's match made in bird heaven...whereas last week we saw these two willing to collaborate on a song, this week saw the two ending their friendship for good because of a comment made by Lore'l about what Erica herself admitted to being on Worldstar Hip-Hop. I guess there's only room enough on the show for one ratchet Angry Bird, and Erica is it.

Next up was Joe Budden and Raqi Thunda's fraying friendship. Last week, Joe admitted to haven fallen off the sobriety wagon, and this week, the duo was found speaking extensively about "closure" least, that's what Raqi will have us believe. When Joe asked—quite sincerely—if the gossip queen was in love with him, Raqi—with a wink and a smile—responded that no, of course she wasn't.

Of course, later on, we get to see Tahiry sticking her nose in business that isn't hers: Even though she swears up and down that no, she's no longer with Joe, and no, she's never going to get back with him, HARRUMPH (*cut to flipped table*), she still manages to keep a "friendship" with Fay, Joe's mother. And of course, she's going to go with Fay to Joe's quasi-intervention and offer "support." It's not like Joe has a girlfriend or anything, right, Tahiry? Ladies, you know how you have that one female friend that always waits until her ex-boyfriend has a new girl to decide that she wants him back? Well, Tahiry is that female friend. All I could think of, as Tahiry manipulated her way back into Joe's good graces, was "poor Kaylin. How did she get suckered into this mess? I hope she doesn't get her heart broken."

Meanwhile, over in the Jen the Pen/Consequence household, things are as boring as ever. Long story short: Consequence is Muslim, Jen the Pen is not, and Consequence would like Jen not to cook during Ramadan (the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, traditionally reserved for fasting) because he gets really grouchy when he's hungry. Jen, of course, spends the rest of the show whining—the most I could gather was that she was feeding her son a load of processed foods so Consequence wouldn't "smell" food. Consequence, here's a serious question: True Muslims know that fasting is wajib (obligatory) for adults, not for children. Why is your child required to eat less-than-nutritious food so you can feel more comfortable? Or is this just another part in keeping with your fine tradition of putting your selfish wants above your child's required needs (such as your refusal to pay for his first birthday, which you pulled up to in a probably-leased Bentley)? Having children out of wedlock is not accepted in the Muslim tradition, and neither is having children with a non-Muslim partner, so please miss me with your "devoutly religious" claims.

Finally, we get to the real drama of the evening: Erica Mena vs. Olivia. Rich Dollaz is managing both, and came up with the brilliant idea that Erica should rap on Olivia's latest song (produced, of course, by Consequence). Unsurprisingly, Olivia passes on the opportunity. This, of course, provokes a series of fights that begin in Olivia's house in N.J., and end at Yandy's event in New York City. As is typical for a refined lady of Erica's caliber, she barged into the event—uninvited—and proceeded to make a scene and a half, proclaiming that even though this was neither the time nor the place to address her concerns with Olivia, she does "what she wants, when she wants." (And this, my dear Erica, is why the general market views you as little more than an "urban booty model." Supermodels are trained in the fine art of public etiquette, which is why people like Cindy Crawford are invited to red carpets long after their halcyon days of modeling are over. You, my dear Erica, need to change your attitude if you ever want to be invited to a Joe's Crab Shack opening after "L&HH" goes off the air...)

Until next week, cats and kittens... —Bernadette Giacomazzo (@bgiacomazzo)