Lil B Disses Joey Bada$$ on New “Pink Flame” Track

Lil B a.k.a. The Based God released a short two-minute diss track aimed towards Joey Bada$$. It was just last year on “Survival Tactics” featuring the late Captial STEEZ where he threw a few shots at Lil B. In somewhat of a late response, he drops “I’m The Bada$$” that contains a few choice lines about Joey.

Of course, Joey quickly responded on Twitter. By the looks of it, we won’t be seeing the Brooklyn MC dropping an answer track back at the Based God. In fact, he sounds excited that Lil B acknowledged him. Maybe it’s for the best.

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  • Stoned Buggs

    I can’t even believe that Joey Bada$$ started shit with Lil B. I’m glad the BasedGod stood up for himself, when all he has stood for is peace and love. well, also he fucked my bitch….

    • Devin


  • Devin

    lil b

  • RenJennM


  • taskforcekilla

    man no one mentions that joey tweeted Steez’s line at lil b the day before

  • taskforcekilla

    man no one mentions that joey tweeted Steez’s line at lil b the day before

  • Sunny

    Hello. My name is Sunny. Let me preface this by saying, for years now I have been a very active and dedicated member of taskforce and I have done absolutely everything in my based power to protect Lil B. I have always been a huge admirer and advocate of the based message Lil B conveys to his listeners and his motivation to keep them thinking positive and spread love to make our world a happier and more positive place. At this point it should be blatantly apparent that I have been absolutely ecstatic for the release of Pink Flame. When I heard that Lil B had released a new song today, I immediately looked it up and listened to it. I was excited to learn it was a diss track directed at Joey Bada$$, a rapper who has disrespected Lil B. When I was finished listening to the rare song, I was flabbergasted. Never have I heard a rapper’s career been entirely dismantled so swiftly and mercilessly. The track was so rare and based, that I decided to listen to it 12 more times. During these extra rare and based listenings, however, I came to a realization. “I’m the Bada$$” by Lil B is not a rare, based, and positive track. In fact, it is a common, unbased, and hateful track. This realization shook me to my core. Even though Joey Bada$$ had taken the first shot, Lil B responded with hate, which completely contradicts the message he’s been giving to his listeners. What could this mean? I asked myself. After I had taken some time to do some research and use my critical thinking skills, this is what I concluded. Lil B is not rare and based. He is not the self-proclaimed Based God that taskforce believes him to be. He is just another rapper. The true BasedGod would not even consider taking part in such a minor squabble, in fact, to do so would be to completely contradict everything the BasedGod supposedly stands for. After looking back through Lil B’s discography, I have found hundreds and hundreds of instances where Lil B has spread negativity and hatred. There are numerous violent, hateful, offensive, and disgusting elements in his lyrics. However, I understand that Lil B does not mean for these lyrics to be interpreted literally, and there might very well be a greater positive message behind them. What really bothered me is that he has been involved in beefs with numerous figures including Joe Budden, Soulja Boy, the members of Odd Future, A$AP Rocky, Kreayshawn, The Game, Kevin Durant, and Kanye West. Now, I understand that beef is just an element of the hip-hop game, but for someone who supposedly has committed himself to being positive and rare to be involved in conflicts with this many people simply because it’s “part of the game” is not at all a rare and based quality. If Lil B were truly rare and based, he’d refuse to spread negativity into the lives of these people and their friends, families, and fanbases. The fact that he has spread this negativity also shows that he contradicts the message that he spreads so often and even states directly on his facebook page, as evidence by the statuses “Lil B January 8 TREAT EACH AND EVERY CREATURE YOU ENCOUNTER WITH LOVE AND RESPECT” and “Lil B January 21 REMEMBER TO ACCEPT ALL CREATURES ON THIS DAY”. A true BasedGod would practice what He preaches. He even contradicts himself on his own facebook page by posting “Lil B October 9, 2012 BITCHES AINT SHIT, YOURS ESPECIALLY”. I find this especially offensive because I know for a fact that my bitch is in fact, shit. At this point I expect taskforce members to leap into action to protect Lil B, but I’d like to take a second to make something very clear. I still am a huge fan of Lil B, as his rapping skills, lyricism, and flow are far beyond the capability of any rapper the world has heard, but I no longer acknowledge him as the BasedGod. I still have a huge admiration for his message, and will do my best to lead a rare and based life, but I will no longer protect Lil B, for he is just another rapper who spreads a message that he doesn’t truly live by. I understand that he is not perfect. I understand that he is great because he keeps a smile. But step back and take a look at what this one man has done. He has indoctrinated an innumerable amount of human beings into believing that he is truly rare and based when in reality he is just another rapper who spreads hate in an already hate filled world, the difference is this man is a master manipulator who can easy spread hate and has an entire army of people he has brainwashed into singing the praises of his name and defending their faith in him, which he refers to as the taskforce. He spreads hate and has every single one of you taskforce members rushing to his side to defend him, thus you all are doing nothing but helping him spread hatred. All he is, is a man who has lied to us, manipulated us, and convinced us to let him fuck our bitches. I for one will not be just another cog in a thoughtless machine built to serve the needs of one man. I will not be another marionette of the puppeteer. I will not be another sheep in a herd, slave to the shepherd’s will. I do not need a BasedGod to tell me to stay rare, based and positive. I will stay rare, based, and positive for my fellow man, regardless of whether or not he protects Lil B. It is for these reasons, that I officially resign from task force. Open your third eye, boy. Thanks for reading.

    • Kidd

      Damn like get off his dick though

      • Can you read

        He kind of just did..


      You don’t have many friends do you?