Kanye West Briefly Returns to Twitter

It’s Friday night and Kanye West does the unthinkable. ‘Yeezy dusted off his Twitter account and sent out a series of cryptic tweets. What they mean is still up for discussion, but we are guessing they are one-word descriptions for his upcoming album. Or his baby. Or his relationship with Kim. Anyhow, check those out below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • http://twitter.com/nicolosolo WizDॐE

    Kanye livin in the physical and the soular, get some fuckin business and get some consciousness awareness, with yo XXS mentality. NIGGA,

  • Dizzle

    what if that’s a track list :O

  • JH

    What if they are just words? And he is seeing if he still can get everyones attention by saying nothing? Not saying thats what hes doing, but really? Slow news day, Oh wow kanye tweeted, must report. Fuck outta here

  • pop off dummy

    learn english it’s “solar”… you dunce!