Yes, that’s a picture of DJ Khaled in a bathtub. In another display of showing he’s about that rich gang lifestyle, the Miami DJ isn’t afraid to hold anything back. “I’m suffering from success. Shit real,” he wrote, as if the suds weren’t enough. All he does is win and sometimes a little rest and relaxation is needed.

Just a few days ago, he announced his seventh studio album, Suffering from Success. Though nothing is confirmed, fans can expect frequent collaborators Ace Hood, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and more to appear on the LP. It’ll probably be another heavy dose of epic posse cuts, maybe even feature some new verses by the man himself.

We are pretty certain that the first single off Suffering from Success will be a game-changer. Knowing Khaled, he’ll want to make it the biggest event ever, just like he did with his bathtub pic. For good measure, revisit his ridiculous jump in the ocean after “Take It to the Head” hit the Internet. It’s proof that fans have grown to love Khaled’s over-the-top antics.

So, where will success take you next Khaled?