Young Chop on Producing for Chief Keef’s Finally Rich, Squashing Beef With Pusha T

On Keef’s “I Don’t Like”:

“We were in the loft where we recorded the whole back from the dead mixtape. We had a little spot in Chicago that we all went to. Its Keef’s manager’s cousin’s crib. The beat, if you notice, really doesn’t have that many sounds. It sounds full but it isn’t. It was quick and easy. He wrote the hook from being on Twitter. Saying what he didn’t like on there. And it just matched. Lil Reese knew the song was going to be crazy. He was like, “Let’s shoot the video,” and we did it the next day. We were supposed to have a two-day shoot but we just did the one scene and that was it. It just took off by itself. It’s crazy.

On Keef’s “Hate Being Sober,” featuring 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa:

I was in my hotel room when 50 was in the studio, I came down to the studio and he was writing to it. Keef played the album for him and he picked that song to get on. We sent it to Wiz while he was on tour. He sent it back like the next day.

On Keef’s “Diamonds,” featuring French Montana:

That was like the first time I worked with French on a one on one level. The song it really was just a throw-out song but the lyrics were crazy so it had to go on the album. We did that in like a couple minutes. We recorded at the Interscope studio in L.A. I did a whole bunch of joints for French on [his mixtape] Mac and Cheese 3 too. I just did the intro for his album, and some other joints.

On Keef’s “3Hunna,” featuring Rick Ross:

That’s the song that first got us our buzz, like, “Whoa.” I had no part with Rick Ross getting on the song. The label did all that. It was a blessing though. Ross is cool. I’m going to do some work with him on an album or mixtape.

On Keef’s “Finally Rich”:

I was just in the studio playing around with the beat. Keef just went in and started going crazy, thanking all his fans. It’s a different sound of beat for me. You normally won’t hear me do beats like that. I’m trying to be versatile.


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  • Southcidal

    These niggaz shitty. But they are young so there is hope that they can one day get better. But I know for a fact Chi town has better talent than this. Jimmy Iovine is trying to glorify all the young head busters so that all the other kids can aspire to be killers. No way these dudes got record deals off of talent. Or maybe I don’t know what sounds good anymore. And he said he takes 5 minutes to make a beat as if the shit sounds like a beat that took weeks to make.

  • jackraid04

    You are shitty

  • Kalkidan Kwg

    Ya’ll niggas don’t do nothin but sit on yo asses all day bitchin bout shit. you don’t make 8 beats in 1 day plus even if u did no one would sing on it for even if u paid a nigga. young chop is #1 right now, suckers