“My city holding on to me so niggas holding on their heat/Throwing up their side, rolling up that leaf/All we do is get high, all we want is peace” —“Medicated”


“Now let's get medicated/Man, let's get medicated/Let's get medicated/Man I'm hella faded/Man, let's get medicated/Let's get medicated/Let's get medicated/Man I'm hella faded/I'm hella faded” —“Medicated”


“I was riding in my Bonneville hoping I could make it/Out selling peas and smoking weed avoiding police right up the street” —“Medicated”


“I'm on some gin, you on some gin/I'm moving slow, I'm driving fast/I hit the weed, you take the wheel/We lose control” —“Remember You”


“I hope that you're rolling one up while you're singing along/And know I was rolling one while I was making this song” —“Remember You”


“Break it down, rolling weed on the island of my kitchen” —“Remember You”


“And I only smoke papers/That's how you tell I'm Taylor'd” —“Remember You”


“Light years past the class/Hit it, don't have to pass” —“Remember You”


Rolling Papers and Mary Jane/I made eleven mill and I'm still the same” —“The Plan”

Wiz Khalifa California TheNaijaIsh.com

“I done smoked weed where they said I can't/Got rich when they said I can't” —“The Plan”


“And on and on, and on and on/Never smoked weed that was quite this strong” —“No Limit”


“And how the fuck they gon' tell you you the best/When they told somebody else the same thing/Come on, cause you fly first class every day? Come on, cause you roll up all that grass every day?” —“No Limit”

Mike Epps With Snoop Dogg And Wiz Khalifa In Concert

“Gon' and roll up that good weed, I put about a pound in/And get high as the mountains” —“No Limit”


“You don't smoke so I break it down, you roll it up/You poke it out, your face down so I hold it up” —“Up In It”


“Wake up when I bake up that's just somethin' that I do” —“Up In It”


“This is for them niggas who know that they got strong pack/If it ain't strong, we don't blow that/If it ain't strong, it's gon' go back” —“Initiation”


“This is for them joint-smokers, this is for them gin-sippers” —“Initiation”

Wiz Khalifa

“This is for high niggas, roll one up and smoke, nigga” —“Initiation”


“Not a man so you ain't one if you letting it show/Now the money like the weed how we letting it grow” —“Rise Above”


“Having conversations in my face about what I should do for 'em/What I'mma do keep rolling and dropping weed on 'em” —“Rise Above”


“Stackin' cheese till my bread right/Smokin' weed till my head right” —“It’s Nothin’”


“Count another grip, smoke another zip/Let them young niggas tell it I be on my shit” —“It’s Nothin’”


“You can smell what I'm smoking/Know its dank that I'm puffin/Kinda high when I made this/On the plane hella comfy/On my way to the money” —“Time”

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2011 - Day 3

“I’m just riding out in my ride/Smoking weed while I drive/Flying like we were time/Smoking weed while I drive” —“Time”



“Who else you know smoke a half pound in seven days nigga?” —“Time”


“Thanks to who supplyin' what I'm rollin' up/All this kush in my mind got me slowin' up/Don't gotta smoke, I get high enough for both of us/Get a O and blow and get another O and blow another O” —“Fall Asleep”


“It’s straight from Cali, that's what's in my joint that's what I'm puffin', OG” —“Work Hard, Play Hard”


“I'm always rolling up so I get love for that/Them niggas stole my swag but I don't want it back” —“Work Hard, Play Hard”


“I got me a whole one so I'm bout to roll one/As soon as you jump in the ride with me/Now you gettin lifted, and you feelin’ different/As soon as you want you can try you'll see” —“The Bluff”


“Still rolling weed in a pair of Js/Gettin’ ashes all over my favorite jeans” —“The Bluff”


“You get the venue, you gon' need more bouncers/And tell the weed man we gon' need more ounces” —“Let It Go”


“Roll up one, that's what we face” —“Bluffin”


“In that California, that's what we on/Smell that strong, you know I'm baked” —“Bluffin”


“And I smoke so much dope I got OG in my IV” —“Bluffin”

Charles William Pelletier / Agence QMI

“That little shit you talkin' 'bout...That's lunch money...We don't even smoke that” —“Bluffin”


“Ridin' round in that Cali got OG kush in my body” —“Paperbond”


“I wake up and I bake up, get my things and catch a plane/But I'll be back again” —“Paperbond”

Clive Davis And The Recording Academy's 2012 Pre-GRAMMY Gala And Salute To Industry Icons Honoring Richard Branson - Show

“You holdin' on to where we smoke it all today” —“Paperbond”


“I'm rollin' up and goin' places across seas/Hopin' the neighbor don't smell the shit I bake” —“Paperbond”


“I got enough weed to last me for the rest of my motherfuckin' life...Ain't gon' ever run out” —“Paperbond”

Here Is Every Weed Reference Wiz Khalifa Makes on O.N.I.F.C.


Rappers rhyming about weed goes back just about as far as the music itself. In recent years, though, Wiz Khalifa has jumped to the forefront of those whose love for that sticky green crucially informs their music. HIs fervent base of fans have bought into not just his music, but his lifestyle, too. The Pittsburgh native's latest album, O.N.I.F.C. is in stores this week, and the Rostrum Records rapper once again makes plenty of references to bud. Here they are. —XXL Staff (@XXL)