The Weigh In: Vinnie Paz’s Pacquiao vs Marquez IV Prediction

Welcome to XXL’s The Weigh In, where we get the Hip-Hop perspective on the happenings of the week. This week we caught up with Jedi Mind Tricks’ Vinnie Paz who just recently released his 2nd solo album, God of the Serengeti. A lifelong follower of the “sweet science”, it was only right we get Paz’s picks for this weekend’s exciting showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Here’s how he weighed in:

I’m a part time boxing journalist, so I have a strong opinion when it comes to every fight. This time, I really don’t know. I do know this: Manny has financial problems. That means he NEEDS to win this fight to get Mayweather on September 14th of next year. As good as Marquez is, time eventually catches up with every great fighter. I saw some exclusive footage of Pacquiao’s sparring sessions and he looked sharper than he’s been in awhile. With that said, Manny is slipping a bit as well. It could be a war, but I think Pacquiao stops Marquez late and ends his brilliant career.

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  • El Kirysh

    u can suck a dick vinnie!!

  • Mahdin Khan

    Is it true Manny is in financial problems? Shit, this guy makes what, 40 mill a fight and he’s in financial problems? I have no sympathy for athletes that blow their money like this. Marquez got robbed the third time they fought and he’ll whoop Manny again. But I’ll be watching Diaz vs Henderson UFC On Fox instead :)