The Break Presents: Jehuniko

Standout: “22 Years Old”

Also check out: “Uphold The Code”

And: “We Gonna Make It”

Name: Jehuniko

Age: 30

Hometown: Los Angeles

I grew up listening to: Mobb Deep/Prodigy, Black Sabbath, Bone Thugs, The Doors, Black Uhuru

Most people don’t know I: I paint. I have a background in TV, Radio & Film and double as a part time super hero

My style’s been compared to: Eminem & Bizzy Bone (so I’ve been told due to the personal nature of my songs & delivery)

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: My video “El Animal Humano” running on MTV. My song “Locked In” getting LA radio spins & featured on sites all over the world, including an Australian compilation featuring Talib Kweli & more. All of my European & Central American tours, being granted the official Jehuniko shirt from Guerrilla Republik, being the 1st live hip hop show that many small towns on my international tours had ever seen, and meeting legendary human rights activists as a result of my music

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To spread words of empowerment & continue the cipher by being original

I’m gonna be the next: Me. Hip Hop has enough followers. I am inspired by those before & around me like Dondi, Kid Frost, DJ Disco Wiz, OG Seen, KRS One, Chaka, Cesar Chavez, Marcos & countless other trail blazers.

To check out more of my music: Follow me on Twitter @Jehuniko1, check out my videos on YouTube, or Like me on Facebook.

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  • Amario

    stop letting white people rap please….its disheartening for the youth.

    • SICKDOG903

      its better to rap about material possessions? hahahahahahahahaahaha

  • Amario

    ugh what the fuck was you doin at 17? dont try to turn around at 30 and say ” i wanna be a white rapper now” not flying xxl what the fuck watch who you put on the break for hip hop sake man. ……c’mon now

    • Jose

      this dude raps in Spanish also, but its clear u pretty ignorant anywayz

    • Raptivist Capital X

      What was he doing at 17? Hmm he could be yo pops. STFU foo

      • Amario


      • Amario

        why dont yall just make reggeton or sum? please?

        • SICKDOG903

          u sound just as ignorant as your name. probably look just as ignorant too

          • Amario

            whatever old man

  • Jose

    dude is dope

    he spits in Spanish to. well deserved!

  • Maria Claus

    thats that shit I DO like

    turn up!!

  • Reporte Ilegal

    jehuniko has a long way in the underground and he’s music brake borders with alot of power big ups for
    the homie !!!!!!

  • SICKDOG903

    Paz hermano Jehuniko! Keep doing your thing homie, Animales Internacionales!!!!! fuck the lil wayne wannabes, go iron your pink shirt pendejos!!!!

  • SICKDOG903

    Paz hermano Jehuniko! Keep doing your thing homie, Animales Internacionales!!!!! fuck the lil wayne wannabes, go iron your pink shirt pendejos!!!!

  • Amario

    o he mexican? my bad i thought du was white……still though the fuck was you doin as a teenager…..o shit wait you had to get to america first huh? ahahhaha o ok aight then you needed to stack paper then by 30 you was ready o aight my bad. offically remove my previous statements xxl

  • Laura in Dego

    this foo is dope!

  • Raptivist Capital X

    Keep it moving my brotha. ONLY THE REALIST FEEL THIS!

  • Gabe Rosales

    Few people put in as much work and grind as hard as brother Jehuniko. Its a privilege to know this brother and its great to see such hard work pay off. Keep grinding compa and respect!

  • Guccimonster

    seriously dope

  • Amanda Berlin Youngblood Metzg

    ORALE!!! Mucho amor y respeto a ti hermano! Para tu trabajo constante y mensaje. Tu luz y tu música!

  • gvg

    Need more people like this in mainstream Hip Hop

  • Painless Pain Jimenez

    Keep up the fight and the hard work hommie, Jehu palante como guerrero, animal humano killing it as always!

  • ASN™

    i know jehuniko from a long time ago and i like very much his music and he style, respect homie. continue like that and you gonna be more popular broh! warrior zalute!

  • karim zomar

    LOS ANIMALES CREW… máximo respeto carnal un fuerte abrazo y seguimos en contacto

  • Åsmund Mjåland

    GReat work brotha Jehuniko! Keep reprezenting.. One love bro.! OTRFT!

  • Spooz

    Saludos from France mi hermano. Paz

  • sbthorn

    Very cool, man. Very cool! It is an honor to know Jehuniko. He keeps it real on all fronts. Keep on keepin on, bro!

  • TNT

    dude grinds, sounds different & thats a good thing

  • Icon

    el animal humano!

  • RozcO

    He’s off da chain, keep it pushing Jehuniko………………….you make it look real easy.

  • ctraffik

    Glad to see XXL showcasing a true HIP HOP talent like Jehuniko.Please keep it up! I might renew my subscription too. Peace!

  • Miklo

    dude grinds harder than most, about time XXL gave him shine

  • nibu

    hell yea

  • Jessica

    any idea where i can get Jehuniko’s apparel?