The 25 Best Rap Memes of 2012

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    In 2012, memes on the Internet became a very important part of blog culture. When something such as random lyrics and captioning artist photos become the norm to poking fun, the logical thing to do is find all the funniest ones. “#Pacquiaoing” was the last new hot meme, but here are a few more that were also hilarious. While we are days away until 2013, here is this year’s round-up of the best memes.—<em>XXL Staff</em>
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  • Jon Dog

    Some high school shit XXL. Will you goofs ever grow the fuck up? What a joke.

    • e

      C’mon, it’s supposed to be funny!

      • Jon Dog

        I’ve seen funny ones. These were lame yo. In my opinion.

  • Pimp Daddy

    They couldn’t even format it correctly. Some of the pictures aren’t even shown in full.

    Welcome to the Internet XXL