Masta Killa on His New Album, New Sound and the Long-Awaited Wu-Tang Reunion

It was also a surprise to see Kurupt on two tracks. How did you guys link up?

I love the West side. I love the West Coast’s whole movement. I could name a thousand artists—respect to all the brothers. Me and Kurupt, this is something we might’ve been talking about for years, just doing something. Because I respect his talent and he respects mine. It was a pleasure to finally get something done with the brother. That’s been something we’ve had in the making for years and just got a chance to manifest it at this day and time. [It was] definitely just a recognition from East to West.

Your album doesn’t bring the Wu together, for better or worse. But if anything, that’s just going to make fans crave a true Wu reunion album even more. There have been reports that it’s already in the works. Are they true?

I’m looking forward to a Wu-Tang reunion album happening. I would definitely love to do that. I haven’t spoken to everyone. I can’t say that I’ve spoken to everyone personally on that, but I’m pretty sure everyone’s on the same page and I’m pretty sure we’ll come back and give the fans something beautiful to listen to once again.

Has any real recording started?

That I can’t say. I just spoke to Gza the other day and him and Rza were together so who knows what they could’ve done. Because that talent and that potential are endless. Anything could’ve happened—I probably just don’t know about it yet.

There is one song, “Dirty Soul,” that not only has that old Wu sound, but also features you paying tribute to Ol Dirty Bastard himself by impersonating his rhyme style. Tell us about the making of that track.

That track is a dedication to all the soul groups and different artists that I love. And I can’t think about soul without thinking about my brother Ol’ Dirty. When I heard the music, it made me think of him—definitely. If he was here physically he woulda killed this. And I was just in that kind of chamber ’cause the music is definitely him. That’s why I called the song “Dirty Soul” ’cause I could definitely see him on something like that, just taking the people back to his chamber and how he’d do it. I was present for all those recordings when [his style] was born. That’s where I come from; home. So [rhyming like him] was like breathing. There was nothing to it.

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  • reggie

    this nigga aint about to make no money off this album. only gonna sell 18 copies smh

  • Guest

    MK did this album for himself. Dude doesn’t have a HUGE fan base to begin w/. When he’s w/ the clan he does, but that’s not the deal w/ this LP. This was more of a passion project for him. Just enjoy it man. Dudes don’t even need bread like that anymore.