Joe Budden’s Most Controversial Social Media Moments

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  • Introduction
    Joe Budden’s never been one to bite his tongue. Whether it’s clashes with girlfriends, rappers or the label, when Joey’s feeling a certain way, he lets them know. Actually, he lets everyone know. From the early days of JoeBuddenTV to his Twitter account, Budden’s got a long history with social media, most recently kicking out a concertgoer after her Tweets didn’t sit well with him. We took a look back at some of Joey’s most notable run-ins on Twitter to give you his Most Controversial Social Media Moments to date. — <i>XXL Staff</i>
  • November 2009: Joey & Somaya Reece vs. Fabolous
    November 2009: Joey & Somaya Reece vs. Fabolous
    When Loso took to Twitter to fire shots at Budden’s latest squeeze, Somaya Reece, the Slaughterhouse emcee took it upon himself to defend his new lady. After a series of less than flattering “#SomayaReeceIs…” tweets, Joe and his new lady took to his vlog series, JoeBuddenTV to clown Loso for his teeth and history with Tila Tequila. Different social media platform, Same Joey.
  • March 2010: Joey vs. Amalgam Digital
    March 2010: Joey vs. Amalgam Digital
    A representative from Amalgam Digital went on a Twitter tirade in March of 2010, blasting Budden and announcing plans to drop him from the digital record label: “We are going to have the biggest RELEASE party for Joe Budden…RELEASING him from the label…inches away from dropping Joe Budden and finally selling his contract off to E1. It’s almost celebration time!” An hour later Joe responded with an onslaught of shots at the label. Our favorite?: “Nigga u serious?? That dog shit ass company with that dog shit ass artist?? I made u niggaz, your office is made outta my semen.”
  • January 2011: Joey vs. Marlon Wayans
    January 2011: Joey vs. Marlon Wayans
    Joey set this war of words off with “ok, enough is enough, y in the fuck am I still following @MarlonWayans???? This nigga don’t say shit even MISTAKABLE 4 funny, deuces.” Wayans promptly responded with “Really??? Dude who is @JoeBudden ? At this point u are a trivia question on black jeopardy. Can I get a life line?” The two then engaged in a hilarious back and forth that lasted well into the evening.
  • February 2011: Joe Budden vs. Bangladesh
  • May 2011: Joey vs. Esther Baxter
    May 2011: Joey vs. Esther Baxter
    There was no way Budden was going to release “Ordinary Love Shit Part 3” without any fallout. After airing out his ex, Esther Baxter, on wax, it didn’t take long for the two to begin fighting on Twitter for the entire world to see. This beef was especially troubling and alarming given the allegations of domestic abuse Baxter accused Budden of not only on Twitter but also in an in depth interview with Bossip. The most unsettling Tweet?: “Oh I have pics to… but then they would prove you’re a murder & a wife beater!! wouldn’t they??? @Joe Budden lets ask the courts shall we!??”
  • May 2011: Joe Budden vs. Chris Brown?
    May 2011: Joey vs. Chris Brown?
    In the aftermath of Joe Budden and Esther Baxter’s war of words, Joey referenced Chris Brown’s infamous apology video with a tweet that didn’t sit too well with Breezy. “Fuck this, I’m shopping 4 a bow tie as we speak”, to which Chris Brown responded, “So I’m guessing this person thinks he’s mature by making references to me becuz of his mistakes! #pumpumppumpitup”. But perhaps Joey had had enough beef for the day, as attempted to diffuse the situation by tweeting Brown directly, “@chrisbrown I’m a fan my nigga…& my sarcasm was more so geared towards ignorant fans, my bad if I offended u.”
  • March 2012: Joey vs. Jr. Smith & Tahiry
    March 2012: Joey vs. Jr. Smith & Tahiry
    Joey was none too pleased when NBA shooting guard, J.R. Smith, tweeted out a barely clothed snapshop of Budden’s ex, Tahiry this past March. “Even the high road ends….” Joey remarked shortly after, to which JR Smith responded “Sorry for my last tweet @TheRealTahiry n @JoeBudden I see y’all will never be done so I’ll step aside an chalk this one up! #koldGame!” It wasn’t long before Tahiry jumped into the social media melee and the three exchanged pleasantries.
  • February 2012: Joey Tells The World Eddie Murphy is Dead
    February 2012: Joey Reports Eddie Murphy is Dead
    In the only Tweet Joe Budden says he regrets sending, the Jersey City rapper paid his respects to one of comedy’s all time greats, tweeting “RIP Eddie Murphy. Another legend gone.” The only problem? Eddie Murphy was alive and well, and probably didn’t appreciate the obituary. After setting the Twittersphere on fire, Budden apologized for spreading the false rumor with “I don’t play w death or rumors about death, so as horrible as I feel about putting that in the world, I’m much happier that it was false.”
  • September 2012: Joey's New Twitter Avatar
    September 2012: Joey's New Twitter Avatar
    Generally speaking, changing your Twitter avatar to a photo of yourself and the love of your life is a pretty cute gesture. Well, “cute” wasn’t exactly the first word that came to our minds when Budden updated his Twitter profile with a picture of himself buried between his girlfriend’s legs. At least it seems he’s not a selfish lover…
  • November 2012: Joey Kicks Out Bored Concertgoer For Negative Tweets
    November 2012: Joey Kicks Out Bored Concertgoer For Negative Tweets
    Twitter user @_Yellow_Paiges_ wasn’t thrilled about getting dragged to a Joe Budden show by her boyfriend last week. Well it seems Joey was checking his mentions when Paige took to her account to complain about her state of affairs. Insulted by Paige’s remarks regarding the show’s turnout, it seems Budden sent out security to find the tweeting culprit who was eventually asked to leave. He addressed the incident days later on his account, tweeting “I wish I could rewind life so I could kick that h*e out again lol. Lol”

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