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chief keef

“Rari's and Rovers/These hoes love Chief Sosa/Hit him with that cobra/Now that boy slumped over”“Love Sosa”

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“We GBE dope boys/We got lots of dough boy”“Love Sosa”

chief keef 2

“Raris and Rovers/Convertibles, Lambos boy/You know I got bands boy/And it's in my pants boy”“Love Sosa”

chief keef 3

“Collect bands I'm a landlord/I gets lots of commas/I can fuck yo’ mama”“Love Sosa”

chief keef 4

“Bitch, I'm cooler than a cooler/Big shouts out to my jeweler”“Hallelujah”

In September a Chicago judge issued a warrant for the rapper’s arrest for falling behind on his child support in excess of $20,000.

chief keef 5

“I'm a rich ass nigga, Hallelujah/Broke niggas we see right through ya/Bitch, Chief Sosa getting that mula”“Hallelujah”

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chief keef 8

“I say if you need a feature, homeboy hit up my line/I love when me and Ben Franklin be spending some time”“Hallelujah”

chief keef 9

“And MJ bring the same shoes out, I'm still copping them shits/Bentley coupes and Hummer trucks and Raris and shit”“Hallelujah”

chief keef 10

“We got a fuckin’ Audi, that bitch all white/Pull up on your bitch, bet she gonna like”“I Don’t Like”

In September, Keef was also sued for failure to pay two months rent on his Illinois mansion.

chief keef 12

“I ain't worried bout you shorty/I'm so used to ballin’/I dont even want you darlingWhy do you be calling?”“No Tomorrow”

chief keef 7

“Ball like it's no tomorrow/I'ma buy a Audemar/Don't care about the costs Ball like it's no tomorrow/Bitch, you chilling with a star/Act like it's no tomorrow/Go buy a foreign car/Drive it like it's no tomorrow”“No Tomorrow”

chief keef 11

“I be ridin’ foreign cars/Ridin’ like it’s no tomorrow/I be spending hella bands/I be high above the stars”“No Tomorrow”

chief keef 13

“Lotta bankrolls and clothes/Lotta ice, white and gold/Tats on my arms”“No Tomorrow”

chief keef 14

“Ben Franklin bank rolls/LV's on my clothes/Jumpman on my kicks/Don't like them Gucci shits/Got a lotta Louie shit/And a lotta Fendi shit/Got Ferragamo shit/Bitch I got plenty shit/I ball like it's no tomorrow”“No Tomorrow”

chief keef 15

“Call up D-Money, now we throw money/All these bitches off the shits walk around like some zombies”“Hate Bein’ Sober”

On June 19, 2013 A warrant was issued for Chief Keef in Miami following an incident in 2012 regarding marijuana possession.

chief keef 16

“Me and my niggas we ballin’/We don't do no talkin’/I see it, I want it, I bought it/In my closet ’bout 40/Pulling up in my foreigns”“Kay Kay”

chief keef 17

“Bitch love me cause she ballin’/Everyday I spend like 40”“Kay Kay”

chief keef 18

“My money so gorgeous”“Kay Kay”

chief keef 19

“Money call I'm coming/Can't miss that shit for nothing”“Kay Kay”

chief keef 20

“I'm laughin' to the bank like, 'Ha, ha, ha'/I'm laughin' at these lames like, 'Ha, ha, ha'”“Laughin’ to the Bank”

chief keef 21

“Just got a check for ‘Ha, ha, ha'/Cashed it like ‘Ha, ha, ha'”“Laughin’ to the Bank”

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chief keef 24

“I swear my diamonds are so blinding please don't look at my wrist”“Diamonds”

chief keef 25

“They say I ain't getting money, well who told them that shit?”“Diamonds”

chief keef 22

“I don't know but she gon’ go cause my pockets on swole/I just walk up in the mall, then I buy the whole store”“Diamonds”

Photo Credit: Ysa Perez

chief keef 34

“Bad bitches keep callin'/I swear this money keep fallin'/I bet its this bitch callin'/I don't even wanna start in/Cause I'm ballin'/Bitch I'm ballin'”“Ballin’”

chief keef 45

“All I do is spend dough/I don't even know this bitch no mo'/Cause I’m ballin'”“Ballin’”

chief keef 30

“If the bitch don’t know me/Let me tell you hoes bout me/Bitch I'm ballin'”“Ballin’”

chief keef 44

“If you ain't talkin' money, then you through talkin'/Bitch I'm ballin'/On these broke niggas, I'm ballin'/Ballin', ballin'”“Ballin’”

chief keef 32

“Spendin’ commas, bitch it's nothin'/And I'm eatin, got me a big stomach/Cause I'm ballin'”“Ballin’”

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cheif keef 26

“Pockets filled with that cash/Niggas see me, they mad”“Ballin’”

chief keef 41

“I be flexin’/Now my money come in handy/I gotta get this money, understand me/100 thou, all hundreds, understand me/Understand me/I gotta get this money”“Understand Me”

chief keef 43

“Everywhere I go I spend a lot of cash/Spend them stacks, spend them stacks and get it back”“Understand Me”

chief keef 29

“Count so much money that my fingers cramp”“Understand Me”

chief keef 39

“Got money for a verse, send it through money gram/I'ma drop the top when I buy me a fast car”“Understand Me”

Photo Credit: Ysa Perez

chief keef 35

“I pull up in that Porsche, they like ‘Damn, son’”“Understand Me”

chief keef 28

“I keep this shit 3 hunna/I pull up in that Audi/You pull up in that Honda”“3Hunna”

Photo Credit: Ysa Perez

chief keef 37

“I could ride foreign cars/And I love all my fans/Without y'all I wouldn’t get far (I’m finally rich)”“Finally Rich”

chief keef 40

“I’ma show you how to ball/I should walk up in the mall/Hit every store and buy it all/Cause It ain't shit”“Finally Rich”

Photo Credit: Ysa Perez

chief keef 36

“Just watch how I stack this cheddar/Flexin’ and these niggas know better/Hate on me, don’t matter (I’m finally rich)”“Finally Rich”

chief keef 31

“I got diamonds all in my watch, horses all in my cars/I get 10 bands for 8 bars/I know I’m finally rich”“Finally Rich”

Photo Credit: Ysa Perez

chief keef 38

“Yeah I did 24 shows, I ain't worried 'bout no hoes/Cause I switch those like I switch clothes and bitch I’m rich”“Finally Rich”