He’s Finally Rich: The 44 Most Ballin’ Lyrics on Chief Keef’s Debut

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  • chief keef
    <em>“Rari's and Rovers/These hoes love Chief Sosa/Hit him with that cobra/Now that boy slumped over”</em> —<strong>“Love Sosa”</strong>
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    <em>“We GBE dope boys/We got lots of dough boy”</em> —<strong>“Love Sosa”</strong>
  • chief keef 2
    <em>“Raris and Rovers/Convertibles, Lambos boy/You know I got bands boy/And it's in my pants boy”</em> —<strong>“Love Sosa”</strong>
  • chief keef 3
    <em>“Collect bands I'm a landlord/I gets lots of commas/I can fuck yo’ mama”</em> —<strong>“Love Sosa”</strong>
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    <em>“Bitch, I'm cooler than a cooler/Big shouts out to my jeweler”</em> —<strong>“Hallelujah”</strong>
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    In September a Chicago judge issued a warrant for the rapper’s arrest for falling behind on his child support in excess of $20,000.
    <em>“I'm a rich ass nigga, Hallelujah/Broke niggas we see right through ya/Bitch, Chief Sosa getting that mula”</em> —<strong>“Hallelujah”</strong>
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    <em>“I say if you need a feature, homeboy hit up my line/I love when me and Ben Franklin be spending some time”</em> —<strong>“Hallelujah”</strong>
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    <em>“And MJ bring the same shoes out, I'm still copping them shits/Bentley coupes and Hummer trucks and Raris and shit”</em> —<strong>“Hallelujah”</strong>
  • chief keef 10
    <em>“We got a fuckin’ Audi, that bitch all white/Pull up on your bitch, bet she gonna like”</em> —<strong>“I Don’t Like”</strong><strong></strong>
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    In September, Keef was also sued for failure to pay two months rent on his Illinois mansion.
    <em>“I ain't worried bout you shorty/I'm so used to ballin’/I dont even want you darlingWhy do you be calling?”</em> —<strong>“No Tomorrow”</strong>
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    <em>“Ball like it's no tomorrow/I'ma buy a Audemar/Don't care about the costsBall like it's no tomorrow/Bitch, you chilling with a star/Act like it's no tomorrow/Go buy a foreign car/Drive it like it's no tomorrow”</em> —<strong>“No Tomorrow”</strong>
  • chief keef 11
    <em>“I be ridin’ foreign cars/Ridin’ like it’s no tomorrow/I be spending hella bands/I be high above the stars”</em> —<strong>“No Tomorrow”</strong>
  • chief keef 13
    <em>“Lotta bankrolls and clothes/Lotta ice, white and gold/Tats on my arms”</em> —<strong>“No Tomorrow”</strong>
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    <em>“Ben Franklin bank rolls/LV's on my clothes/Jumpman on my kicks/Don't like them Gucci shits/Got a lotta Louie shit/And a lotta Fendi shit/Got Ferragamo shit/Bitch I got plenty shit/I ball like it's no tomorrow”</em> —<strong>“No Tomorrow”</strong>
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    <em>“Call up D-Money, now we throw money/All these bitches off the shits walk around like some zombies”</em> —<strong>“Hate Bein’ Sober”</strong>
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    On June 19, 2013 A warrant was issued for Chief Keef in Miami following an incident in 2012 regarding marijuana possession.
    <em>“Me and my niggas we ballin’/We don't do no talkin’/I see it, I want it, I bought it/In my closet ’bout 40/Pulling up in my foreigns”</em> —<strong>“Kay Kay”</strong>
  • chief keef 17
    <em>“Bitch love me cause she ballin’/Everyday I spend like 40”</em> —<strong>“Kay Kay”</strong>
  • chief keef 18
    <em>“My money so gorgeous”</em> —<strong>“Kay Kay”</strong>
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    <em>“Money call I'm coming/Can't miss that shit for nothing”</em> —<strong>“Kay Kay”</strong>
  • chief keef 20
    <em>“I'm laughin' to the bank like, 'Ha, ha, ha'/I'm laughin' at these lames like, 'Ha, ha, ha'”</em> —<strong>“Laughin’ to the Bank”</strong>
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    <em>“Just got a check for ‘Ha, ha, ha'/Cashed it like ‘Ha, ha, ha'”</em> —<strong>“Laughin’ to the Bank”</strong>
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    <em>“I swear my diamonds are so blinding please don't look at my wrist”</em> —<strong>“Diamonds”</strong>
  • chief keef 25
    <em>“They say I ain't getting money, well who told them that shit?”</em> —<strong>“Diamonds”</strong>
  • chief keef 22
    <em>“I don't know but she gon’ go cause my pockets on swole/I just walk up in the mall, then I buy the whole store”</em> —<strong>“Diamonds”</strong>
  • chief keef 34
    Photo Credit: Ysa Perez
    <em>“Bad bitches keep callin'/I swear this money keep fallin'/I bet its this bitch callin'/I don't even wanna start in/Cause I'm ballin'/Bitch I'm ballin'”</em> —<strong>“Ballin’”</strong>
  • chief keef 45
    <em>“All I do is spend dough/I don't even know this bitch no mo'/Cause I’m ballin'”</em> —<strong>“Ballin’”</strong>
  • chief keef 30
    <em>“If the bitch don’t know me/Let me tell you hoes bout me/Bitch I'm ballin'”</em> —<strong>“Ballin’”</strong>
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    <em>“If you ain't talkin' money, then you through talkin'/Bitch I'm ballin'/On these broke niggas, I'm ballin'/Ballin', ballin'”</em> —<strong>“Ballin’”</strong>
  • chief keef 32
    <em>“Spendin’ commas, bitch it's nothin'/And I'm eatin, got me a big stomach/Cause I'm ballin'”</em> —<strong>“Ballin’”</strong>
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  • cheif keef 26
    <em>“Pockets filled with that cash/Niggas see me, they mad”</em> —<strong>“Ballin’”</strong>
  • chief keef 41
    <em>“I be flexin’/Now my money come in handy/I gotta get this money, understand me/100 thou, all hundreds, understand me/Understand me/I gotta get this money”</em> —<strong>“Understand Me”</strong>
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    <em>“Everywhere I go I spend a lot of cash/Spend them stacks, spend them stacks and get it back”</em> —<strong>“Understand Me”</strong>
  • chief keef 29
    <em>“Count so much money that my fingers cramp”</em> —<strong>“Understand Me”</strong>
  • chief keef 39
    <em>“Got money for a verse, send it through money gram/I'ma drop the top when I buy me a fast car”</em> —<strong>“Understand Me”</strong>
  • chief keef 35
    Photo Credit: Ysa Perez
    <em>“I pull up in that Porsche, they like ‘Damn, son’”</em> —<strong>“Understand Me”</strong>
  • chief keef 28
    <em>“I keep this shit 3 hunna/I pull up in that Audi/You pull up in that Honda”</em> —<strong>“3Hunna”</strong>
  • chief keef 37
    Photo Credit: Ysa Perez
    <em>“I could ride foreign cars/And I love all my fans/Without y'all I wouldn’t get far (I’m finally rich)”</em> —<strong>“Finally Rich”</strong>
  • chief keef 40
    <em>“I’ma show you how to ball/I should walk up in the mall/Hit every store and buy it all/Cause It ain't shit”</em> —<strong>“Finally Rich”</strong>
  • chief keef 36
    Photo Credit: Ysa Perez
    <em>“Just watch how I stack this cheddar/Flexin’ and these niggas know better/Hate on me, don’t matter (I’m finally rich)”</em> —<strong>“Finally Rich”</strong>
  • chief keef 31
    <em>“I got diamonds all in my watch, horses all in my cars/I get 10 bands for 8 bars/I know I’m finally rich”</em> —<strong>“Finally Rich”</strong>
  • chief keef 38
    Photo Credit: Ysa Perez
    <em>“Yeah I did 24 shows, I ain't worried 'bout no hoes/Cause I switch those like I switch clothes and bitch I’m rich”</em> —<strong>“Finally Rich”</strong>

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  • CThomas

    Thanks for letting me read this a head of time…Chief is got to be the lamest lyricist in mainstream right now.

    • KMG

      And one of the richest….The streets loving this kid right now!

  • FUCKuhChief

    This is straight up Air ballin and its slame dunk to the recycle bin fool. You fuggin suck for sharing this garbage

  • HeliosRa

    Chief Keef’s Lyrics recieved a rating of S, and yet they are on his nuts with 44 most ballin lyrics. Hypocrisy

  • HeliosRa

    Chief Keef is aight though i’m just saying, …. hypocrites.