Chris Brown is Enjoying The Perks of Amsterdam

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    He even smokes like a rapper. Take that, Wiz.
    In between deleting and re-activating his Twitter account, Chris Brown makes some time for leisure activities. Judging by Breezy’s Instagram account, the R&B singer and his friends are celebrating the release of <a href="">our latest issue</a> by enjoying some of Amsterdam’s finest. We’re all for taking the edge off, but three doobies simultaneously seems a bit excessive. Click through to check out some more snapshots from Chris Brown’s stop at an Amsterdam coffee shop. — <i>XXL Staff</i>
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  • Oskino

    I find this to be some loser type stuff… ight kid, u smoke a lil’weed, u’re in Amsterdam, it’s legal & think u’re cool. But in all actuality Chris Browns die hard fanbase are not anyone who would find this shit cute, funny, or impressive. His fans are a bunch of Teens & Bitches,,, he does not share the same fanbase as the Wu-Tang Clan!! lol